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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Beneficial Effect of Na 2 CO 3 Additions on the Thermoelectric Performance of Melt‐Route Cu 2 SeNazrul‐Islam, SMK; Rahman, MR; Ahmed, AJ; Yun, FF; Cortie, DL; Wang, X; Cortie, MB
2021-05Copper Diffusion Rates and Hopping Pathways in Superionic Cu2SeNazrul Islam, SMK; Mayank, P; Ouyang, Y; Chen, J; Sagotra, AK; Li, M; Cortie, MB; Mole, R; Cazorla, C; Yu, D; Wang, X; Robinson, RA; Cortie, DL
2018-02-17Heat transfer from nanoparticles for targeted destruction of infectious organismsCortie, MB; Cortie, DL; Timchenko, V
2018-01-29Nature of magnetism in thiol-capped gold nanoparticles investigated with Muon spin rotationDehn, MH; Arseneau, DJ; Buck, T; Cortie, DL; Fleming, DG; King, SR; MacFarlane, WA; McDonagh, AM; McFadden, RML; Mitchell, DRG; Kiefl, RF
-Significant Reduction in Thermal Conductivity and Improved Thermopower of Electron‐Doped Ba 1– x La x TiO 3 with Nanostructured Rectangular PoresAhmed, AJ; Cortie, DL; Yun, FF; Rahman, Y; Nazrul Islam, SMK; Bake, A; Konstantinov, K; Hossain, MSA; Alowasheeir, A; Yamauchi, Y; Wang, X
2022-03-25Spontaneous Emergence of Optically Polarizing Nanoscale Structures by Co-Deposition of Aluminum with Refractory Metals: Implications for High-Temperature PolarizersTai, MC; Arnold, MD; Estherby, C; De Silva, KSB; Gentle, AR; Cortie, DL; Mitchell, DRG; Westerhausen, MT; Cortie, MB
2014-01-31Strategies to control the spectral properties of Au-Ni thin filmsMcPherson, DJ; Supansomboon, S; Zwan, B; Keast, VJ; Cortie, DL; Gentle, A; Dowd, A; Cortie, MB
2018-11-01Ultra-high thermoelectric performance in graphene incorporated Cu<inf>2</inf>Se: Role of mismatching phonon modesLi, M; Cortie, DL; Liu, J; Yu, D; Islam, SMKN; Zhao, L; Mitchell, DRG; Mole, RA; Cortie, MB; Dou, S; Wang, X