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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Advocating kangaroo meat: towards ecological benefit or plunder?Ben-Ami, D; Croft, DB; Ramp, D; Boom, K
Jan-2006Assessing the impacts of roads in peri-urban reserves: Road-based fatalities and road usage by wildlife in the Royal National Park, New South Wales, AustraliaRamp, D; Wilson, V; Croft, DB
Jan-2013Compassionate conservation: a paradigm shift for wildlife management in AustralasiaRamp, D; Ben-Ami, D; Boom, K; Croft, DB; Marc Bekoff
17-Jun-2016Contradiction and complacency shape attitudes towards the toll of roads on wildlifeRamp, D; Wilson, VK; Croft, DB
Jan-2006Do wildlife warning reflectors elicit aversion in captive macropods?Ramp, D; Croft, DB
Jan-2010Flight response as a causative factor in kangaroo-vehicle collisionsLee, E; Croft, DB; Ramp, D; Coulson, G; Eldridge, M
Jan-2006Frequency and causes of kangaroo-vehicle collisions on an Australian outback highwayKlocker, U; Croft, DB; Ramp, D
Jan-2004Kangaroo-vehicle collisions in Australia's sheep rangelands, during and following drought periodsLee, E; Klocker, U; Croft, DB; Ramp, D
Jan-2005Modelling of wildlife fatality hotspots along the snowy mountain highway in New South Wales, AustraliaRamp, D; Caldwell, J; Edwards, K; Warton, D; Croft, DB
Jan-2012'Pest' and resource: A legal history of Australia's kangaroosBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D; Croft, DB; Cushing, N; Ramp, D; Boronyak, LJ
Jan-2005Predator scent induces differing responses in two sympatric macropodidsRamp, D; Russell, B; Croft, DB
Jan-2011Suitability of acoustics as non-lethal deterrents for macropodids: the influence of origin, delivery, and anti-predator behaviourRamp, D; Gates Foale, C; Roger, E; Croft, DB
Jan-2010Survival behaviour of swamp wallabies during prescribed burning and wildfireGarvey, N; Ben-Ami, D; Ramp, D; Croft, DB
Jan-2014The welfare ethics of the commercial killing of free-ranging kangaroos: an evaluation of the benefits and costs of the industryBen-Ami, D; Boom, K; Boronyak, LJ; Townend, C; Ramp, D; Croft, DB; Bekoff, M