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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Art Is MagicDavies, A; Crosby, AL
2019-11-24C2O and Frontyard: hacking the archives to design community spaces in Surabaya and SydneyBacon, L; Azali, K; Crosby, AL; Forster, B
2010-01Can Open Mean Terbuka? Negotiating Licenses for Indonesian Video ActivismCrosby, AL; Thajib, F
2008-01Collaborative cultural practices of activist networks in contemporary IndonesiaCrosby, AL; Vicziany, AM; Cribb, R
2015-11-30Collaborative Scenarios: Preferred Learning Futures for Design EducationCrosby, AL
2018-08-15Design MicroprotestsCutler, E; Gothe, J; Crosby, AL
2016-08-08Designing Futures in IndonesiaCrosby, AL
2013Festivals in Java : localising cultural activism and environmental politics, 2005-2010Crosby, AL
2008-01Gang re:Publik, Indonesia-Australia creative adventuresCrosby, AL
2018-10-16Going on a Field Trip: Critical Geographical Walking Tours and Tactical Media as Urban Praxis in Sydney, AustraliaLyons, C; Crosby, AL; Morgan-Harris, H
-Indonesian Design EmergingCrosby, AL
2016“Its Not Just About the Films”: Activist Film Festivals in Post New Order IndonesiaCrosby, AL; Tascon, S; Wils, T
2016-09-12Levering critical collaboration: The first year interdisciplinary design experienceCrosby, AL; Morgan, AC
2016-05-20Listening to student voices through scenario design: Aligning learning.futuresCrosby, AL; McKenzie, J
2017-05The lure of the city, the possibilities of the village: crowdsourcing graphic designers in IndonesiaCrosby, AL; Cahaya, R; Kung, C; Lam, E; Lee, Y
2014-01Mapping Hybrid Design Participation in SydneyCrosby, AL; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Vanni Accarigi, I; Widiastuti, I; Indraprastha, A; Firmansyah
2013-01Online video translation and subtitling: examining emerging practices and their implications for media activism in South East AsiaNotley, T; Salazer, JF; Crosby, AL
2015-11-11PropagandaCrosby, AL; Edwards, C
2008Towards a Festival of Nongkrong: Questioning Models of Cultural ExchangeCrosby, AL
2014-01Transmedia Activism: Exploring the Possibilities in West PapuaNotley, T; Crosby, AL; Polson, D; Cook, A; Velikovsky, JT; Brackin, A