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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01Case study and case-based research in emergency nursing and care: Theoretical foundations and practical application in paramedic pre-hospital clinical judgment and decision-making of patients with mental illnessShaban, RZ; Considine, J; Fry, M; Curtis, K
2020-09Cause, treatment costs and 12-month functional outcomes of children with major injury in NSW, Australia.Curtis, K; Kennedy, B; Lam, MK; Mitchell, RJ; Black, D; Burns, B; White, L; Loudfoot, A; D'Amato, A; Dinh, M; Holland, AJA
2016-08-01ChIP: An early activation protocol for isolated blunt chest injury improves outcomes, a retrospective cohort studyCurtis, K; Asha, SE; Unsworth, A; Lam, M; Goldsmith, H; Langcake, M; Dwyer, D
2018-05-01Consensus-based clinical research priorities for emergency nursing in AustraliaConsidine, J; Curtis, K; Shaban, RZ; Fry, M
2019-07-30Cultural considerations in emergency careOrr, F; Curtis, K; Ramsden, C; Shaban, R; Fry, M; Considine, J
2022-09Effect of an intervention for patients 65 years and older with blunt chest injury: Patient and health service outcomes.Curtis, K; Kourouche, S; Asha, S; Buckley, T; Considine, J; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ; Lam, M; Fry, M
2019-10-01Effectiveness of nurse-initiated X-ray for emergency department patients with distal limb injuries: A systematic reviewConsidine, J; Shaban, RZ; Curtis, K; Fry, M
2021-03-27Emergency clinicians’ knowledge, preparedness and experiences of managing COVID-19 during the 2020 global pandemic in Australian healthcare settingsLi, C; Sotomayor-Castillo, C; Nahidi, S; Kuznetsov, S; Considine, J; Curtis, K; Fry, M; Morgan, D; Walker, T; Burgess, A; Carver, H; Doyle, B; Tran, V; Varshney, K; Shaban, RZ
2021-06-08Emergency department management of severely injured children in New South Wales.Curtis, K; Kennedy, B; Lam, MK; Mitchell, RJ; Black, D; Burns, B; Dinh, M; Smith, H; Holland, AJ
2018-03-01Emergency department utilisation among older people with acute and/or chronic conditions: A multi-centre retrospective studyFry, M; Fitzpatrick, L; Considine, J; Shaban, RZ; Curtis, K
2023-11Emergency nurses' perceptions of the utility, adaptability and feasibility of the emergency nursing framework HIRAIDTM for practice change in US: An exploratory study.Curtis, K; Fry, M; Shaban, RZ; Wolf, L; Delao, A; Kolbuk, ME; Kennedy, B; Considine, J
2017-05-01Evidence based emergency nursing: Designing a research question and searching the literatureConsidine, J; Shaban, RZ; Fry, M; Curtis, K
2021-05Family members' perceptions of older person discharge from emergency departments.Fry, M; Elliott, R; Curtis, K; Mei, J; Fitzpatrick, L; Groth, R; Murphy, S; Jones, K; Hofman, C
2021-01Impact of a care bundle for patients with blunt chest injury (ChIP): A multicentre controlled implementation evaluation.Curtis, K; Kourouche, S; Asha, S; Considine, J; Fry, M; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ; D'Amato, A; Skinner, C; Wiseman, G; Buckley, T
2023-12Impact of an emergency department rapid response system on inpatient clinical deterioration: A controlled pre-post study.Munroe, B; Curtis, K; Fry, M; Balzer, S; Perara, P; Couttie, T; Royston, K; Yu, P; Tidswell, N; Considine, J
2017-12-01Implementation evaluation and refinement of an intervention to improve blunt chest injury management—A mixed-methods studyCurtis, K; Van, C; Lam, M; Asha, S; Unsworth, A; Clements, A; Atkins, L
2023-12-07Implementation evaluation of a rapid response system in a regional emergency department: a dual-methods study using the behaviour change wheel.Munroe, B; Curtis, K; Fry, M; Royston, K; Risi, D; Morris, R; Tucker, S; Fetchet, W; Scotcher, B; Balzer, S
2023-01-17Implementation evaluation of an evidence-based emergency nursing framework (HIRAID): study protocol for a step-wedge randomised control trial.Curtis, K; Fry, M; Kourouche, S; Kennedy, B; Considine, J; Alkhouri, H; Lam, M; McPhail, SM; Aggar, C; Hughes, J; Murphy, M; Dinh, M; Shaban, R
2021-06-01Implementation of a hospital-wide multidisciplinary blunt chest injury care bundle (ChIP): Fidelity of delivery evaluationKourouche, S; Curtis, K; Munroe, B; Asha, SE; Carey, I; Considine, J; Fry, M; Lyons, J; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Shaban, RZ; Unsworth, A; Buckley, T
2021-12Implementation of a structured emergency nursing framework results in significant cost benefitCurtis, K; Sivabalan, P; Bedford, DS; Considine, J; D’Amato, A; Shepherd, N; Fry, M; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ