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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04-211,6;2,3-Bis-BN Cyclohexane: Synthesis, Structure, and Hydrogen Release.Dai, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, Y; Yu, H; Su, W; Zhou, J; Ye, Q; Huang, Z
2021-08-31A lightweight and privacy-preserving answer collection scheme for mobile crowdsourcingDai, Y; Weng, J; Yang, A; Yu, S; Deng, RH
2020-04-01Achieving Secure and Efficient Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption over Medical Cloud DataLi, H; Yang, Y; Dai, Y; Yu, S; Xiang, Y
2023-01-01Deep Idempotent Network for Efficient Single Image Blind DeblurringMao, Y; Wan, Z; Dai, Y; Yu, X
2022-02-01Degradation of sulfamethazine by vacuum ultraviolet-activated sulfate radical-advanced oxidation: efficacy, mechanism and influences of water constituentsLi, H; Yang, Y; Li, X; Zhou, Z; Feng, J; Dai, Y; Li, X; Ren, J
2020-01-01Hierarchical neural architecture search for deep stereo matchingCheng, X; Zhong, Y; Harandi, M; Dai, Y; Chang, X; Drummond, T; Li, H; Ge, Z
2020-10-26Hierarchical Neural Architecture Search for Deep Stereo MatchingCheng, X; Zhong, Y; Harandi, M; Dai, Y; Chang, X; Drummond, T; Li, H; Ge, Z
2022-05High Frame Rate Video Reconstruction Based on an Event Camera.Pan, L; Hartley, R; Scheerlinck, C; Liu, M; Yu, X; Dai, Y
2017-12-15Intelligent web-based experiment management system using multi-agent conceptYang, G; Dai, Y; Zhao, H; Hirota, K; Lu, H
2022-11-01Is there “productivity paradox” in Chinese producer-service enterprises' OFDI?Dai, Y; Zhang, R; Hu, H; Hou, K
2020-10Local renal complement activation mediates immune kidney injury by inducing endothelin-1 signalling and inflammation in trichloroethylene-sensitised mice.Wang, G; Zhang, J; Dai, Y; Xu, Q; Zhu, Q
2017-08-22NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and ResultsTimofte, R; Agustsson, E; Gool, LV; Yang, MH; Zhang, L; Lim, B; Son, S; Kim, H; Nah, S; Lee, KM; Wang, X; Tian, Y; Yu, K; Zhang, Y; Wu, S; Dong, C; Lin, L; Qiao, Y; Loy, CC; Bae, W; Yoo, J; Han, Y; Ye, JC; Choi, JS; Kim, M; Fan, Y; Yu, J; Han, W; Liu, D; Yu, H; Wang, Z; Shi, H; Huang, TS; Chen, Y; Zhang, K; Zuo, W; Tang, Z; Luo, L; Li, S; Fu, M; Cao, L; Heng, W; Bui, G; Le, T; Duan, Y; Tao, D; Wang, R; Lin, X; Pang, J; Xu, J; Zhao, Y; Xu, X; Pan, J; Sun, D; Song, X; Dai, Y; Qin, X; Huynh, XP; Guo, T; Mousavi, HS; Vu, TH; Monga, V; Cruz, C; Egiazarian, K; Katkovnik, V; Mehta, R; Jain, AK; Agarwalla, A; Praveen, CVS; Zhou, R; Wen, H; Zhu, C; Xia, Z; Guo, Q
2015-06-15Oil-saving pathways until 2030 for road freight transportation in China based on a cost-optimization modelLi, W; Dai, Y; Ma, L; Hao, H; Lu, H; Albinson, R; Li, Z
2012-01Perceptual image hashing with histogram of color vector anglesTang, Z; Dai, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, S
2018-01-01Personalized Search over Encrypted Data with Efficient and Secure Updates in Mobile CloudsLi, H; Liu, D; Dai, Y; Luan, TH; Yu, S
2018-07-01Personalized semantic trajectory privacy preservation through trajectory reconstructionDai, Y; Shao, J; Wei, C; Zhang, D; Shen, HT
2022-02-28PR-RRN: Pairwise-Regularized Residual-Recursive Networks for Non-rigid Structure-from-MotionZeng, H; Dai, Y; Yu, X; Wang, X; Yang, Y
2022-02-28RGB-D Saliency Detection via Cascaded Mutual Information MinimizationZhang, J; Fan, D-P; Dai, Y; Yu, X; Zhong, Y; Barnes, N; Shao, L
2006-01Trusted mobile interaction via extended digital CertificatesTao, W; Steele, RJ; Dai, Y; Hinchey, M; Pan, Y
2014-01-01Two-stage obstacle detection based on stereo vision in unstructured environmentZhang, Y; Xu, X; Lu, H; Dai, Y