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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A device looking for a purpose and user-centred co-design: 3D food printing not yet delivering on expectations of benefit for people with swallowing disability.Hemsley, B; Balandin, S; Dann, S; Gay, V; Josserand, E; Leong, T; Palmer, S; Skellern, K
2017-01-02A call for innovative social media research in the field of augmentative and alternative communicationHemsley, B; Balandin, S; Palmer, S; Dann, S
2019-01-08Content Analysis of Tweets by People with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Implications for Rehabilitation and Social Media GoalsBrunner, M; Palmer, S; Togher, L; Dann, S; Hemsley, B
2024Craving inclusion: a systematic review on the experiences and needs of people with disability eating out.Hemsley, B; Almond, B; Given, F; Darcy, S; L'Espoir Decosta, P; Dann, S; Carnemolla, P; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Debono, D; Balandin, S
2018-01-02Hashtag #TBI: A content and network data analysis of tweets about Traumatic Brain InjuryBrunner, M; Hemsley, B; Dann, S; Togher, L; Palmer, S
2019-01-01"If i knew what i was doing on Twitter then i would use it more": Twitter experiences and networks of people with traumatic brain injury (TBI)Brunner, M; Palmer, S; Togher, L; Dann, S; Hemsley, B
2021-01-01Rehabilitation professionals' views on social media use in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation: gatekeepers to participation.Brunner, M; Togher, L; Palmer, S; Dann, S; Hemsley, B
2007-01Rostered Labour and Intensive Work Places: The Organisational and Industrial Relations Complexities of providing 24 hour careCarroll, KE; Bridgeford, S; Iedema, RA; Dann, S; Franzway, S; Masterman-Smith, H
2021-01-01Social Media and People With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Metasynthesis of Research Informing a Framework for Rehabilitation Clinical Practice, Policy, and Training.Brunner, M; Hemsley, B; Togher, L; Dann, S; Palmer, S
2018-01-02Using Twitter to access the human right of communication for people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)Hemsley, B; Palmer, S; Dann, S; Balandin, S
2022-11-09Views on the usability, design, and future possibilities of a 3D food printer for people with dysphagia: outcomes of an immersive experience.Hemsley, B; Dann, S; Reddacliff, C; Smith, R; Given, F; Gay, V; Leong, TW; Josserand, E; Skellern, K; Bull, C; Palmer, S; Balandin, S