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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Achieving and resisting change: workarounds straddling and widening gaps in healthcareDebono, DS; Braithwaite, J; Greenfield, D; Black, D; Dickinson, H; Mannion, R
2019-03-01Expanding the role of social science in conservation through an engagement with philosophy, methodology, and methodsMoon, K; Blackman, DA; Adams, VM; Colvin, RM; Davila, F; Evans, MC; Januchowski-Hartley, SR; Bennett, NJ; Dickinson, H; Sandbrook, C; Sherren, K; St. John, FAV; van Kerkhoff, L; Wyborn, C
2018-12-01Feminism, Gender, and Power Relations in Policy – Starting a New ConversationCarey, G; Dickinson, H; Cox, EM
2022-03Health care cost of crusted scabies in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, Australia.Campbell, M; van der Linden, N; Gardner, K; Dickinson, H; Agostino, J; Dowden, M; O'Meara, I; Scolyer, M; Woerle, H; Viney, R; van Gool, K
2021-03-04Public Preferences for Allocating Ventilators in an Intensive Care Unit: A Discrete Choice ExperimentNorman, R; Robinson, S; Dickinson, H; Williams, I; Meshcheriakova, E; Manipis, K; Anstey, M
2018-03-01A systematic review of scabies transmission models and data to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of scabies interventionsvan der Linden, N; van Gool, K; Gardner, K; Dickinson, H; Agostino, J; Regan, DG; Dowden, M; Viney, R
2022-01-01The future of working from home in the public sector: What does the evidence tell us?Williamson, S; Pearce, A; Connor, J; Weeratunga, V; Dickinson, H