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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Co-creation for greater accessibilityJohns, R; Darcy, S; Dickson, T
10-Apr-2018Commonwealth Games have better integrated para-sports, but society needs to catch upDarcy, S; Dickson, T
2016Disability Sport Event Research: Moving beyond the Emperor’s new clothesMisener, L; Dickson, T; Darcy, S
Jan-2010Examining the performance of urban destinations: A comparison Of domestic and international tourists to two Australian capital citiesEdwards, DC; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Dickson, T; Crispin, S; Dunn, A; Fishwick, S; Franklin, A; Hanson, D; Reiser, D; Shipway, R; Wells, M; Baxter, C
2017Facilitating sport participation legacies from Olympic and Paralympic Games: the case of Whistler Adaptive Sports and Vancouver 2010Dickson, T; Darcy, S
27-Nov-2009Inside the triangle: Images of a capitalHayllar, B; Edwards, D; Griffin, T; Dickson, T
Jan-2005Journeying in Ludus: the playful dimensions of outdoor learning and leadershipHayllar, BR; Dickson, T; Gray, T; Hayllar, B
10-Mar-2010Sydney World Masters Games: Volunteer Legacy OutcomesDarcy, S; Dickson, T; Edwards, D
28-Jun-2010Tracking the urban visitor: Methods for examining tourists' spatial behaviour and visual representationsEdwards, D; Dickson, T; Griffin, T; Hayllar, B
2017Transformative service and co-creation for more accessibilityJohns, R; Darcy, S; Dickson, T
Jan-2009Understanding Tourism Experiences and Behaviour in Cities: An Australian Case StudyEdwards, DC; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Dickson, T; Schweinsberg, SC