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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-08A Review of Models Used for Investigating Barriers to Healthcare Access in Australia.Shukla, N; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Chakraborty, S; Alamri, AM
2023-07-01An explainable AI (XAI) model for landslide susceptibility modelingPradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Lee, S; Kim, H
2021-04An improved SPEI drought forecasting approach using the long short-term memory neural network.Dikshit, A; Pradhan, B; Huete, A
2022-01-01Artificial neural networks in drought prediction in the 21st century–A scientometric analysisDikshit, A; Pradhan, B; Santosh, M
2019-09-01Automatic calculation of rainfall thresholds for landslide occurrence in Chukha Dzongkhag, BhutanGariano, SL; Sarkar, R; Dikshit, A; Dorji, K; Brunetti, MT; Peruccacci, S; Melillo, M
2022-01-01Comparative study of convolutional neural network (CNN) and support vector machine (SVM) for flood susceptibility mapping: a case study at Ras Gharib, Red Sea, EgyptYoussef, AM; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Mahdi, AM
2021-10-01Comparison between deep learning and tree‐based machine learning approaches for landslide susceptibility mappingSaha, S; Roy, J; Hembram, TK; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2019-01-01Determination of rainfall thresholds for landslide prediction using an algorithm-based approach: Case study in the Darjeeling Himalayas, IndiaTeja, TS; Dikshit, A; Satyam, N
2020-04-01Estimating rainfall threshold and temporal probability for landslide occurrences in Darjeeling HimalayasDikshit, A; Satyam, N; Pradhan, B; Kushal, S
2019-01-01Estimating rainfall thresholds for landslide occurrence in the Bhutan HimalayasDikshit, A; Sarkar, R; Pradhan, B; Acharya, S; Dorji, K
2019-12-01Estimation of Rainfall-Induced Landslides Using the TRIGRS ModelDikshit, A; Satyam, N; Pradhan, B
2021-12-01Explainable AI in drought forecastingDikshit, A; Pradhan, B
2022-11-01Improved Lithological Map of Large Complex Semi-Arid Regions Using Spectral and Textural Datasets within Google Earth Engine and Fused Machine Learning Multi-ClassifiersSerbouti, I; Raji, M; Hakdaoui, M; El Kamel, F; Pradhan, B; Gite, S; Alamri, A; Maulud, KNA; Dikshit, A
2021-08-21Interpretable and explainable AI (XAI) model for spatial drought prediction.Dikshit, A; Pradhan, B
2022-01-01Landslide Early Warning System in Kalimpong, West BengalDikshit, A; Satyam, N
2022-04-01Landslide susceptibility mapping using CNN-1D and 2D deep learning algorithms: comparison of their performance at Asir Region, KSAYoussef, AM; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Al-Katheri, MM; Matar, SS; Mahdi, AM
2021-02Long lead time drought forecasting using lagged climate variables and a stacked long short-term memory model.Dikshit, A; Pradhan, B; Alamri, AM
2020-07-01Parametric study of local site response for bedrock ground motion to earthquake in Phuentsholing, BhutanTempa, K; Sarkar, R; Dikshit, A; Pradhan, B; Simonelli, AL; Acharya, S; Alamri, AM
2021Pathways and challenges of the application of artificial intelligence to geohazards modellingDikshit, A; Pradhan, B; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Probabilistic assessment of Paglajhora landslide using SLOPE/WDikshit, A; Satyam, N