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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11-01Acceptability of hepatitis C virus testing methods among injecting drug usersWhite, B; Day, C; Thein, HH; Doab, A; Bates, A; Holden, J; Van Beek, I; Maher, L
2016-01-01Access to abortion in Australia: insights from health care professionalsDoab, A; Dawson, A; Nicholls, R
2022-11-07Awareness of HCV Status and Preferences for Testing and Treatment among People with Recent Injecting Drug Use at a Peer-Led Needle and Syringe Program: The TEMPO Pilot Study.Conway, A; Read, P; Gilliver, R; McNaughton, T; Valerio, H; Cunningham, EB; Henderson, C; Hadlow, B; Molloy, K; Doab, A; Tillakeratne, S; Pepolim, L; Harrod, ME; Dore, GJ; Grebely, J
2009-09-01Clinical trial literacy among injecting drug users in Sydney, Australia: A pilot studyDoab, A; Topp, L; Day, CA; Dore, GJ; Maher, L
2019-09-01The Emergency Department Response to Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence: Insights From Interviews With Clinicians in AustraliaDawson, AJ; Rossiter, C; Doab, A; Romero, B; Fitzpatrick, L; Fry, M
2018-06-07Ensuring Indigenous cultural respect in Australian undergraduate nursing studentsPower, T; Virdun, C; Gorman, E; Doab, A; Smith, R; Phillips, A; Gray, J
2008-03-01Experience of hepatitis C testing among injecting drug users in Sydney, AustraliaDay, CA; White, B; Thein, HH; Doab, A; Dore, GJ; Bates, A; Holden, J; Maher, L
2015-09-01Factors that influence mother-child reunification for mothers with a history of substance use: A systematic review of the evidence to inform policy and practice in AustraliaDoab, A; Fowler, C; Dawson, A
2005Knowledge and attitudes about treatment for hepatitis C virus infection and barriers to treatment amoing current injection users' in AustraliaDoab, A; Treloar, C; Dore, G
2021-01-01Measuring the impact of COVID-19 related change on Australian nursing practice and nurse well-beingSheppard-Law, S; Debono, D; Doab, A; Fry, M
2017-03-14Medical termination of pregnancy in general practice in Australia: A descriptive-interpretive qualitative studyDawson, AJ; Nicolls, R; Bateson, D; Doab, A; Estoesta, J; Brassil, A; Sullivan, EA
2019-07-01Professional development for teachers of nursing students for whom English is an additional language: A reflection on practicesHavery, C; Townsend, L; Johnson, A; Doab, A
2023-04Single-visit hepatitis C point-of-care testing, linkage to nursing care, and peer-supported treatment among people with recent injecting drug use at a peer-led needle and syringe program: The TEMPO Pilot Study.Grebely, J; Gilliver, R; McNaughton, T; Conway, A; Cunningham, E; Henderson, C; Hadlow, B; Molloy, K; Doab, A; Tillakeratne, S; Pepolim, L; Harrod, ME; Dore, GJ; Read, P