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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-19Core outcome set for studies on pregnant women with vasa previa (COVasP): a study protocol.D'Souza, R; Villani, L; Hall, C; Seyoum, M; Kingdom, J; Krznaric, M; Donnolley, N; Javid, N
2016-08-01The development of a classification system for maternity models of careDonnolley, N; Butler-Henderson, K; Chapman, M; Sullivan, E
2020-07-13Exploring unwarranted clinical variation: The attitudes of midwives and obstetric medical staff regarding induction of labour and planned caesarean section.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Spear, V; Henry, A
2021-07Exploring variation in the performance of planned birth: A mixed method study.Dominiek, C; Amanda, H; Georgina, C; Repon, P; Angela, M; Teena, C; Donnolley, N
2021-05Factors associated with women's birth beliefs and experiences of decision-making in the context of planned birth: A survey study.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Thirukumar, P; Henry, A
2021-05-20Inter-hospital and inter-disciplinary variation in planned birth practices and readiness for change: a survey studyCoates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Henry, A
2021-07-22Patterns of psychiatric admission in Australian pregnant and childbearing women.Austin, M-P; Ambrosi, TL; Reilly, N; Croft, M; Hutchinson, J; Donnolley, N; Mihalopoulos, C; Chatterton, ML; Chambers, GM; Sullivan, E; Knox, C; Xu, F; Highet, N; Morgan, VA
2019-01-01Survey of Australian maternity hospitals to inform development and implementation of a stillbirth prevention ‘bundle of care’Andrews, CJ; Ellwood, D; Middleton, PF; Homer, CSE; Reinebrant, HE; Donnolley, N; Boyle, FM; Gordon, A; Nicholl, M; Morris, J; Gardener, G; Davies-Tuck, M; Wallace, EM; Flenady, VJ
2022The Medicines Intelligence Centre of Research Excellence: Co-creating real-world evidence to support the evidentiary needs of Australian medicines regulators and payers.Pratt, N; Camacho, X; Vajdic, C; Degenhardt, L; Laba, T-L; Hillen, J; Etherton-Beer, C; Preen, D; Jorm, L; Donnolley, N; Havard, A; Pearson, S-A
2020-03-04Women's experiences of decision-making and attitudes in relation to induction of labour: A survey study.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Henry, A
2020-01-01Women’s experiences of decision-making and beliefs in relation to planned caesarean section: A survey studyCoates, D; Donnolley, N; Thirukumar, P; Lainchbury, A; Spear, V; Henry, A