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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-01Australia: Media concentration and deteriorating conditions for investigative journalismWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Koskie, T; Trappel, J; Tomaz, T
2023-09-29Automation, News and Social Media PluralismHutchinson, J; Dwyer, T; Wilding, D; Dwyer, T; Wilding, D
2007-01Creativity, collaboration and new media innovation in a community contextLally, E; Nightingale, V; Dwyer, T
2023-09-29Investigative Journalism and Media Pluralism: Voices from the Global SouthBebawi, S; Dwyer, T; Wilding, D
2023-09-29New Directions in Media Pluralism and Diversity InterventionsWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Wilding, D; Dwyer, T
2005-01Persephone's Paradox: The Author's Journey into the UnderworldSkilbeck, R; Motham, L; Douglas, K; Dwyer, T; Walker, S; Wooller, S; Cornelius, M
2016-09-30Policy Submission - Review of the Australian Communications and Media Authority - Draft ReportWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Fraser, M; Hitchens, L
2016-08-30Policy Submission - Review of the Australian Communications and Media Authority: Issues PaperWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Fraser, M; Hitchens, L
2019-06-01Simulation-based learning for patient safety: The development of the Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation methodology for nursing educationGuinea, S; Andersen, P; Reid-Searl, K; Levett-Jones, T; Dwyer, T; Heaton, L; Flenady, T; Applegarth, J; Bickell, P
2020-12-18Submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications - Inquiry into Media Diversity in AustraliaMolitorisz, S; Wilding, D; Attard, M; Giotis, C; Bebawi, S; Dwyer, T; Hutchinson, J
2023-09-29The Contemporary Policy Context: Plurality, Diversity and Automated CurationWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Wilding, D; Dwyer, T
2004-01Visualising changes in fund manager holdings in two and a half dimensionsDwyer, T; Gallagher, DR
-Where to next with Australia’s News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code?Dwyer, T; Flew, T; Wilding, D