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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Building the sustainable organisation: synergies, tensions and implications for change and leadershipBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Griffiths, AB; Ross-Smith, AE; Elkin, G
2004-01Bundled competencies, configuration and activity systems: understanding the basis for competitive advantage in ING DirectDunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Elkin, G
2004-01Business ethics in the age of super size me.Barnwell, NS; Elkin, G
2004-01Complex supply chains: analysis of a beer distribution game simulation outputJenkins, RJ; Breach, G; Elkin, G
2004-01The crucial contribution of communication in managing large scale organisational changePaul, D; More, E; Elkin, G
2004-01Eroding competitive advantage: the looming profit crisis for full service airlines in South East Asia.Douglas, IR; Elkin, G
2004-01The fashion of online learning adoption in Australian universitiesPratt, J; Elkin, G
2004-01How organisations are using the internet to enhance their business to business relationships.Hughes, RN; Perrott, B; Elkin, G
2004-01Human resource management in high performance organisation: The case of ING DirectBenveniste, J; Dunford, R; Palmer, IC; Elkin, G
2004-01Human resource management in sport organisations: approaches to paid and volunteer staffTaylor, TL; Ho, CY; Elkin, G
2004-01Individualised reflexivity and corporate social responsibility: perspectives on the consumerBenn, SH; Angus-Leppan, T; Daniel, K; Young, LC; Elkin, G
2004-01Instinctively collaborative: are women executives changing the cultures of senior management?Ross-Smith, AE; Chesterman, CJ; Peters, M; Elkin, G
2004-01An integral ecology of commerce to avoid dystopiaMcGregor, IM; Elkin, G
2004-01Leadership in quality - a middle management perspective.Davis, D; Elkin, G
2004-01Networks for knowledge creation: interorganizational collaborations for sustainabilityBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Martin, AJ; Elkin, G
2004-01Rocking management critique: utopia, dystopia and work in rock musicRhodes, CH; Elkin, G
2004-01The same strategic HRM issues predict performance in both for-profit and non-profit organizations in a key knowledge-intensive industryRodwell, JJ; Teo, ST; Elkin, G