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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Alternate Representation for Visual Constraint Specification in the Layered View ModelRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Kotsis, G; Taniar, D; Bressan, S; Ibrahim, IK; Mokhtar, S
2020-06-03Bridging The Theoretical Bound and Deep Algorithms for Open Set Domain AdaptationLi, Z; Fang, Z; Feng, L; Bo, Y; Guangquan, Z; Jie, L
2013A case of adaptation through a mutation in a tandem duplication during experimental evolution in Escherichia coliMaharjan, R; Gaffe, J; Plucain, J; Schliep, M; Wang, L; Feng, L; Tenaillon, O; Ferenci, T; Schneider, D
2015-03-15China's unconventional oil: A review of its resources and outlook for long-term productionWang, J; Feng, L; Steve, M; Tang, X; Gail, TE; Mikael, H
2023-10-20Compass+Ring: A Multimodal Menu to Improve Interaction Performance and Comfortability in One-handed ScenariosChen, X; Guo, D; Feng, L; Chen, B; Liu, W
2005-12-01Descriptor based QoS profile in XMLPoon, PMS; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Chang, E
2023-11Distributed dynamic event-triggered control for fixed/preassigned-time output synchronization of output-coupling complex networksFeng, L; Hu, C; Zhu, Q; Kong, F; Wen, S
2022-04-04Efficient and stable electrorheological fluids based on chestnut-like cobalt hydroxidecoupled with surface-functionalized carbon dotsLiang, Y; Liu, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, Q; Zhang, M; Li, Y; Wen, W; Feng, L; Wu, J
2005-01Engineering XML solutions using viewsRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Wei, D; Xie, Z; Wang, H; Shi, B
2021-07-01Fixed-time Synchronization of Coupled Memristive Complex-valued Neural NetworksFeng, L; Hu, C; Yu, J; Jiang, H; Wen, S
2009-06Genomic sequencing reveals regulatory mutations and recombinational events in the widely used MC4100 lineage of Escherichia coli K-12.Ferenci, T; Zhou, Z; Betteridge, T; Ren, Y; Liu, Y; Feng, L; Reeves, PR; Wang, L
2021-02-10How does the Combined Risk Affect the Performance of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Approaches ?Li, Z; Fang, Z; Feng, L; Jie, L; Bo, Y; Guangquan, Z; Fang, Z
2006IMB3-miner: Mining induced/embedded subtrees by constraining the level of embeddingTan, H; Dillon, TS; Hadzic, F; Chang, E; Feng, L
2005-01A layered view model for XML repositories & XML data warehousesRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Wei, D; Xie, Z; Wang, H; Shi, B
2021-07-18Learning Bounds for Open-Set LearningFang, Z; Jie, L; Anjin, L; Feng, L; Guangquan, Z
2005-01MB3-Miner: mining eMBedded subTREEs using Tree Model Guided candidate generationTan, H; Dillon, TS; Hadzic, F; Feng, L; Chang, E; Zbigniew, R; Shysaku, T; Djamel, Z
2010-06-01Measurement and simulation of diurnal variations in water use efficiency and radiation use efficiency in an irrigated wheat-maize field in the North China PlainWang, J; Zhao, T; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yang, X; Feng, L; Pana, X
2015-10-01Memetic Search with Interdomain Learning: A Realization between CVRP and CARPFeng, L; Ong, YS; Lim, MH; Tsang, IW
2005-01Mining interesting XML-enabled association rules with templatesFeng, L; Dillon, TS; Goethals, B; Siebes, A
2006-01Modeling dynamic properties in the layered view model for XML using XSemantic netsRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Feng, L; Dillon, TS