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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-15Agent-based modelling of post-disaster recovery with remote sensing dataGhaffarian, S; Roy, D; Filatova, T; Kerle, N
2020Assessing the macroeconomic impacts of individual behavioral changes on carbon emissionsNiamir, L; Kiesewetter, G; Wagner, F; Schöpp, W; Filatova, T; Voinov, A; Bressers, H
2019-11-01Avoiding or mitigating flooding: Bottom-up drivers of urban resilience to climate change in the USAde Koning, K; Filatova, T; Need, A; Bin, O
2019-04-15Bayesian networks for spatial learning: a workflow on using limited survey data for intelligent learning in spatial agent-based modelsAbdulkareem, SA; Mustafa, YT; Augustijn, EW; Filatova, T
2017-06-01Bridging the Gap Between Revealed and Stated Preferences in Flood-prone Housing Marketsde Koning, K; Filatova, T; Bin, O
2019-04-01Capitalization of Flood Insurance and Risk Perceptions in Housing Prices: An Empirical Agent-Based Model Approachde Koning, K; Filatova, T; Bin, O
2019-03-01Climate change-driven losses in ecosystem services of coastal wetlands: A case study in the West coast of BangladeshMehvar, S; Filatova, T; Sarker, MH; Dastgheib, A; Ranasinghe, R
2020-04-01Demand-side solutions for climate mitigation: Bottom-up drivers of household energy behavior change in the Netherlands and SpainNiamir, L; Ivanova, O; Filatova, T; Voinov, A; Bressers, H
2019-12-01Dimension reduction of multivariate outputs of socio-environmental agent-based modelsLee, JS; Filatova, T
2020-12-01Economy-wide impacts of behavioral climate change mitigation: Linking agent-based and computable general equilibrium modelsNiamir, L; Ivanova, O; Filatova, T
2020-01-01Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modelingElsawah, S; Filatova, T; Jakeman, AJ; Kettner, AJ; Zellner, ML; Athanasiadis, IN; Hamilton, SH; Axtell, RL; Brown, DG; Gilligan, JM; Janssen, MA; Robinson, DT; Rozenberg, J; Ullah, IIT; Lade, SJ
2020-07Exploring consumer behavior and policy options in organic food adoption: Insights from the Australian wine sectorTaghikhah, F; Voinov, A; Shukla, N; Filatova, T
2019-07-26Exploring low-carbon futures: A web service approach to linking diverse climate-energy-economy modelsBelete, GF; Voinov, A; Arto, I; Dhavala, K; Bulavskaya, T; Niamir, L; Moghayer, S; Filatova, T
2017-01-01Flood Catastrophe Model for Designing Optimal Flood Insurance Program: Estimating Location-Specific Premiums in the NetherlandsErmolieva, T; Filatova, T; Ermoliev, Y; Obersteiner, M; de Bruijn, KM; Jeuken, A
2018-02-01Flood protection and endogenous sorting of households: the role of credit constraintsHusby, T; de Groot, HLF; Hofkes, MW; Filatova, T
2020-10-02Freedom of choice to migrate: adaptation to climate change in BangladeshAssaduzzaman, M; Filatova, T; Coenen, F; Lovett, J
2019-04-01From fossil fuels to renewables: An analysis of long-term scenarios considering technological learningHandayani, K; Krozer, Y; Filatova, T
2021-06-28Greening energy supply in the light of SDGs and Covid-19Handayani, K; Filatova, T
2020-12-01Growing community energy initiatives from the bottom up: Simulating the role of behavioural attitudes and leadership in the NetherlandsGhorbani, A; Nascimento, L; Filatova, T
2020-06-01How does private adaptation motivation to climate change vary across cultures? Evidence from a meta-analysisNoll, B; Filatova, T; Need, A