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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-0215 - Botanical biofiltration for reducing indoor air pollutionFleck, R; Pettit, T; Douglas, A; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2021-12-01Analysis of lighting conditions of indoor living walls: Effects on CO<inf>2</inf> removalDominici, L; Fleck, R; Gill, RL; Pettit, TJ; Irga, PJ; Comino, E; Torpy, FR
2022-12-01Bio-solar green roofs increase solar energy output: The sunny side of integrating sustainable technologiesFleck, R; Gill, R; Pettit, TJ; Torpy, FR; Irga, PJ
2022-10Biosolar green roofs and ambient air pollution in city centres: Mixed resultsIrga, PJ; Fleck, R; Arsenteva, E; Torpy, FR
2020-01-01Botanical biofiltration for reducing indoor air pollutionFleck, R; Pettit, TJ; Douglas, ANJ; Irga, PJ; Torpy, FR
2021-09-19Challenges for the incorporation of food production into functional urban greening systemsTorpy, F; Irga, P; Wilkinson, S; Fleck, R; Pettit, T; Douglas, A
2020-07-15Characterisation of fungal and bacterial dynamics in an active green wall used for indoor air pollutant removalFleck, R; Gill, RL; Pettit, T; Irga, PJ; Williams, NLR; Seymour, JR; Torpy, FR
2021-03Effective reduction of roadside air pollution with botanical biofiltrationPettit, T; Torpy, FR; Surawski, NC; Fleck, R; Irga, PJ
2021-09-01Green Roof & Solar Array – Comparative Research Project Final Report July 2021Irga, P; Fleck, R; Wooster, E; Torpy, F; Pettit, T; Gill, R; Ball, J
2022-11-11Indoor plants, our environment and happinessTorpy, F; Irga, P; Fleck, R; Matheson, S; Douglas, A
-Phytoremediation for the indoor environment: a state-of-the-art reviewMatheson, S; Fleck, R; Irga, PJ; Torpy, FR
2022-09-14Phytoremediation of air pollutionTorpy, F; Irga, P; Fleck, R; Matheson, S; Smith, H; Duani, G; Surawski, N; Douglas, A; Lyu, L
2021-09-02Plants and urban air pollution in the COVID-19 ageTorpy, FR; Irga, P; Wilkinson, S; Pettit, T; Fleck, R; Douglas, A
2022-04-27Predictability of thermal fluctuations influences functional traits of a cosmopolitan marine diatom.Gill, RL; Collins, S; Argyle, PA; Larsson, ME; Fleck, R; Doblin, MA
2020-01-01Reducing indoor air pollution through applied botanical biofiltrationFleck, R; Pettit, T; Dominici, L; Gill, R; Irga, P; Torpy, F
2022-06-24The Benefits of Plants at WorkIrga, P; Torpy, F; Fleck, R; Duani, G; Matheson, S; Douglas, A; Lyu, L
2022-02-01The botanical biofiltration of volatile organic compounds and particulate matter derived from cigarette smokeMorgan, AL; Torpy, FR; Irga, PJ; Fleck, R; Gill, RL; Pettit, T
2022-08-01The hydrological performance of a green roof in Sydney, Australia: A tale of two towersFleck, R; Westerhausen, MT; Killingsworth, N; Ball, J; Torpy, FR; Irga, PJ
2022-01Urban green roofs promote metropolitan biodiversity: A comparative case studyWooster, EIF; Fleck, R; Torpy, F; Ramp, D; Irga, PJ
2022-02-01Urban green roofs to manage rooftop microclimates: A case study from Sydney, AustraliaFleck, R; Gill, RL; Saadeh, S; Pettit, T; Wooster, E; Torpy, F; Irga, P