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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-01Ancient DNA from marine sediments: Precautions and considerations for seafloor coring, sample handling and data generationArmbrecht, LH; Coolen, MJL; Lejzerowicz, F; George, SC; Negandhi, K; Suzuki, Y; Young, J; Foster, NR; Armand, LK; Cooper, A; Ostrowski, M; Focardi, A; Stat, M; Moreau, JW; Weyrich, LS
2022-07-01Dynamic change in an ocean desert: Microbial diversity and trophic transfer along the 110 °E meridional in the Indian OceanRaes, EJ; Hörstmann, C; Landry, MR; Beckley, LE; Marin, M; Thompson, P; Antoine, D; Focardi, A; O'Brien, J; Ostrowski, M; Waite, AM
-Investigating the Diversity of Marine Bacteriophage in Contrasting Water Masses Associated with the East Australian Current (EAC) SystemFocardi, A; Ostrowski, M; Goossen, K; Brown, MV; Paulsen, I
2022-12-01Microbial dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) cycling in the ultraoligotrophic eastern Indian OceanO'Brien, J; Focardi, A; Deschaseaux, ESM; Petrou, K; Ostrowski, M; Beckley, LE; Seymour, JR
2021-12-17Microvolume DNA extraction methods for microscale amplicon and metagenomic studiesBramucci, AR; Focardi, A; Rinke, C; Hugenholtz, P; Tyson, GW; Seymour, JR; Raina, J-B
2022-10-24Plastic leachates impair picophytoplankton and dramatically reshape the marine microbiome.Focardi, A; Moore, LR; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG
2023-08-26Stratified microbial communities in Australia's only anchialine cave are taxonomically novel and drive chemotrophic energy production via coupled nitrogen-sulphur cycling.Ghaly, TM; Focardi, A; Elbourne, LDH; Sutcliffe, B; Humphreys, W; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG
2022-06-23Unravelling Stratified Microbial Assemblages in Australia’s Only Deep Anchialine System, The Bundera SinkholeElbourne, LDH; Sutcliffe, B; Humphreys, W; Focardi, A; Saccò, M; Campbell, MA; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG