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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11A feasibility trial of an Internet-delivered and transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral therapy treatment program for anxiety, depression, and disability among adults with epilepsy.Gandy, M; Karin, E; Fogliati, VJ; McDonald, S; Titov, N; Dear, BF
2018-12-01The Pain Course: 12- and 24-Month Outcomes From a Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet-Delivered Pain Management Program Provided With Different Levels of Clinician SupportDear, BF; Gandy, M; Karin, E; Fogliati, R; Fogliati, VJ; Staples, LG; Wootton, BM; Sharpe, L; Titov, N
2015-10-01The pain course: A randomised controlled trial examining an internet-delivered pain management program when provided with different levels of clinician supportDear, BF; Gandy, M; Kdarin, E; Staples, LG; Johnston, L; Fogliati, VJ; Wootton, BM; Terides, MD; Kayrouz, R; Perry, KN; Sharpe, L; Nicholas, MK; Titov, N
2017-07The pain course: a randomised controlled trial comparing a remote-delivered chronic pain management program when provided in online and workbook formats.Dear, BF; Gandy, M; Karin, E; Ricciardi, T; Fogliati, VJ; McDonald, S; Staples, LG; Perry, KN; Sharpe, L; Nicholas, MK; Titov, N
2018-06The Pain Course: Exploring the Feasibility of an Internet-delivered Pain Management Program When Offered by a Tertiary Pain Management Service.Dear, BF; Courtney, C; Khor, KE; McDonald, S; Ricciardi, T; Gandy, M; Fogliati, VJ; Titov, N
2018-05Transdiagnostic internet-delivered cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) for adults with functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID): A feasibility open trial.Dear, BF; Fogliati, VJ; Fogliati, R; Gandy, M; McDonald, S; Talley, N; Holtmann, G; Titov, N; Jones, M
2016-01-01Treating anxiety and depression in older adults: Randomised controlled trial comparing guided V. Self-guided internet-delivered cognitive-behavioural therapyTitov, N; Fogliati, VJ; Staples, LG; Gandy, M; Johnston, L; Wootton, B; Nielssen, O; Dear, BF