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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06-15Alterations in miRNA processing and expression in pleomorphic adenomas of the salivary glandZhang, X; Cairns, M; Rose, B; O'Brien, C; Shannon, K; Clark, J; Gamble, J; Tran, N
2016-09Assessment of the quality and applicability of an e-portfolio capstone assessment item within a bachelor of midwifery program.Baird, K; Gamble, J; Sidebotham, M
2007-08Believing in birth--choosing VBAC: the childbirth expectations of a self-selected cohort of Australian women.Fenwick, J; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
2022-08Critiquing the evolution of maternity care preferences research: A systematic mixed studies review.Bull, C; Creedy, DK; Gamble, J; Toohill, J; Karger, S; Callander, EJ
2022-10Development of a co-designed, evidence-based, multi-pronged strategy to support normal birth.Allen, J; Toohill, J; Creedy, DK; Callander, EJ; Gamble, J
2015-02-13Factors associated with childbirth self-efficacy in Australian childbearing women.Schwartz, L; Toohill, J; Creedy, DK; Baird, K; Gamble, J; Fenwick, J
2021-01-28Learning to be a midwife: Midwifery students' experiences of an extended placement within a midwifery group practice.Baird, K; Hastie, CR; Stanton, P; Gamble, J
2017-02Postpartum evaluation of vitamin D among a sample of Jordanian women.Mohammad, KI; Kassab, M; Shaban, I; Creedy, DK; Gamble, J
2009-03Pre- and postpartum levels of childbirth fear and the relationship to birth outcomes in a cohort of Australian women.Fenwick, J; Gamble, J; Nathan, E; Bayes, S; Hauck, Y
2018-09Preparing student midwives for professional practice: Evaluation of a student e-portfolio assessment item.Sidebotham, M; Baird, K; Walters, C; Gamble, J
2006-10Reframing birth: a consequence of cesarean section.Fenwick, J; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
2022-09Responding to the Ockenden Review: Safe care for all needs evidence-based system change - and strengthened midwifery.Renfrew, MJ; Cheyne, H; Burnett, A; Crozier, K; Downe, S; Heazell, A; Hundley, V; Hunter, B; King, K; Marshall, JE; McCourt, C; McFadden, A; Mondeh, K; Nightingale, P; Sandall, J; Sinclair, M; Way, S; Page, L; Gamble, J
2023-07-29The financial impact of offering publicly funded homebirths: A population-based microsimulation in Queensland, Australia.Hu, Y; Allen, J; Ellwood, D; Slavin, V; Gamble, J; Toohill, J; Callander, E
2023-11-08The value of maternity care in Queensland, 2012-18, based on an analysis of administrative data: a retrospective observational study.Callander, EJ; Enticott, JC; Eklom, B; Gamble, J; Teede, HJ
2010-08Why do women request caesarean section in a normal, healthy first pregnancy?Fenwick, J; Staff, L; Gamble, J; Creedy, DK; Bayes, S
2011-09-01Women's experiences of attending a creative arts program during their pregnancyDemecs, IP; Fenwick, J; Gamble, J