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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Abdominal Functional Electrical Stimulation to Augment Respiratory Function in Spinal Cord Injury.McCaughey, EJ; Butler, JE; McBain, RA; Boswell-Ruys, CL; Hudson, AL; Gandevia, SC; Lee, BB
2016-12-01Effects of fatigue on corticospinal excitability of the human knee extensors.Kennedy, DS; McNeil, CJ; Gandevia, SC; Taylor, JL
2013-07-01Gastrocnemius muscle contracture after spinal cord injury: A longitudinal studyDiong, J; Harvey, LA; Kwah, LK; Clarke, JL; Bilston, LE; Gandevia, SC; Herbert, RD
2018-06-01History-dependence of muscle slack length following contraction and stretch in the human vastus lateralisStubbs, PW; Walsh, LD; D'Souza, A; Héroux, ME; Bolsterlee, B; Gandevia, SC; Herbert, RD
2020-03Impact of respiratory muscle training on respiratory muscle strength, respiratory function and quality of life in individuals with tetraplegia: a randomised clinical trial.Boswell-Ruys, CL; Lewis, CRH; Wijeysuriya, NS; McBain, RA; Lee, BB; McKenzie, DK; Gandevia, SC; Butler, JE
2020-11-01Impaired central drive to plantarflexors and minimal ankle proprioceptive deficit in people with multiple sclerosisDjajadikarta, ZJ; Dongés, SC; Brooks, J; Kennedy, DS; Gandevia, SC; Taylor, JL
2011-11-01In vivo passive mechanical behaviour of muscle fascicles and tendons in human gastrocnemius muscle-tendon unitsHerbert, RD; Clarke, J; Kwah, LK; Diong, J; Martin, J; Clarke, EC; Bilston, LE; Gandevia, SC
2012-01-01Passive mechanical properties of gastrocnemius muscles of people with ankle contracture after strokeKwah, LK; Herbert, RD; Harvey, LA; Diong, J; Clarke, JL; Martin, JH; Clarke, EC; Hoang, PD; Bilston, LE; Gandevia, SC
2012-08-01Passive mechanical properties of the gastrocnemius after spinal cord injuryDiong, JHL; Herbert, RD; Harvey, LA; Kwah, LK; Clarke, JL; Hoang, PD; Martin, JH; Clarke, EC; Bilston, LE; Gandevia, SC