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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09-07A qualitative exploration of the non-financial costs of cancer care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.Cummins, R; Preston, R; Topp, SM; Taylor, J; Larkins, S; Callander, E; Bell, L; Arley, B; Garvey, G
2022-11-12Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients' cancer care pathways in Queensland: Insights from health Witt, A; Matthews, V; Bailie, R; Valery, PC; Adams, J; Garvey, G; Martin, JH; Cunningham, FC
2017-02Barriers to lung cancer care: health professionals' perspectives.Dunn, J; Garvey, G; Valery, PC; Ball, D; Fong, KM; Vinod, S; O'Connell, DL; Chambers, SK
2016-07-01Big data in an indigenous health context: Opportunities and obstaclesGarvey, G; Percival, N; Izquierdo, L; Moodie, D; Moore, S
2019-01-01Cognitive test norms and comparison between healthy ageing, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia: A population-based study of older Aboriginal AustraliansLavrencic, LM; Bennett, H; Daylight, G; Draper, B; Cumming, R; Mack, H; Garvey, G; Lasschuit, D; Hill, TY; Chalkley, S; Delbaere, K; Broe, GA; Radford, K
2018-01-01Community-identified recommendations to enhance cancer survivorship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleMeiklejohn, JA; Arley, B; Bailie, R; Adams, J; Garvey, G; Martin, JH; Walpole, ET; Valery, PC
2020-12Erratum: Communication, Collaboration and Care Coordination: The Three-Point Guide to Cancer Care Provision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Witt, A; Matthews, V; Bailie, R; Garvey, G; Valery, PC; Adams, J; Martin, JH; Cunningham, FC
2019-09-18An exploration of healthcare providers' experiences and perspectives of Traditional and complementary medicine usage and disclosure by Indigenous cancer patientsGall, A; Anderson, K; Adams, J; Matthews, V; Garvey, G
2018-01-15Exploring positive survivorship experiences of indigenous Australian cancer patientsTam, L; Garvey, G; Meiklejohn, J; Martin, J; Adams, J; Walpole, E; Fay, M; Valery, P
2019-08-01Exploring traditional and complementary medicine use by Indigenous Australian women undergoing gynaecological cancer investigationsGall, A; Anderson, K; Diaz, A; Matthews, V; Adams, J; Taylor, T; Garvey, G
2019-01-01Factors Associated with the High Prevalence of Dementia in Older Aboriginal AustraliansRadford, K; Lavrencic, LM; Delbaere, K; Draper, B; Cumming, R; Daylight, G; Mack, HA; Chalkley, S; Bennett, H; Garvey, G; Hill, TY; Lasschuit, D; Broe, GA
2017-05-01Follow-up cancer care: perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer survivorsMeiklejohn, JA; Garvey, G; Bailie, R; Walpole, E; Adams, J; Williamson, D; Martin, J; Bernardes, CM; Arley, B; Marcusson, B; Valery, PC
2016-03-01Health professional's perspectives of the barriers and enablers to cancer care for Indigenous AustraliansMeiklejohn, JA; Adams, J; Valery, PC; Walpole, ET; Martin, JH; Williams, HM; Garvey, G
2016-08-01Health-related quality of life among Indigenous Australians diagnosed with cancerGarvey, G; Cunningham, J; He, VY; Janda, M; Baade, P; Sabesan, S; Martin, JH; Fay, M; Adams, J; Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, S; Valery, PC
2020"I'm a Survivor": Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cancer Survivors' Perspectives of Cancer Survivorship.Meiklejohn, JA; Bailie, R; Adams, J; Garvey, G; Bernardes, CM; Williamson, D; Marcusson, B; Arley, B; Martin, JH; Walpole, ET; Valery, PC
2017Identification of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cancer Patients in the Primary Health Care Witt, A; Cunningham, FC; Bailie, R; Bernardes, CM; Matthews, V; Arley, B; Meiklejohn, JA; Garvey, G; Adams, J; Martin, JH; Walpole, ET; Williamson, D; Valery, PC
2015-06Indigenous cancer care in Queensland, Australia: health professionals’ framing of ‘difference’.Adams, J; Meiklejohn, J; Valery, P; Walpole, E; Martin, J; Williams, H; Garvey, G
2018-10-01Lung Cancer Stigma across the Social Network: Patient and Caregiver PerspectivesOcchipinti, S; Dunn, J; O'Connell, DL; Garvey, G; Valery, PC; Ball, D; Fong, KM; Vinod, S; Chambers, S
2020-10-10Older Aboriginal Australians' Health Concerns and Preferences for Healthy Ageing Programs.Wettasinghe, PM; Allan, W; Garvey, G; Timbery, A; Hoskins, S; Veinovic, M; Daylight, G; Mack, HA; Minogue, C; Donovan, T; Broe, GA; Radford, K; Delbaere, K
2016-12-01The role of the GP in follow-up cancer care: a systematic literature reviewMeiklejohn, JA; Mimery, A; Martin, JH; Bailie, R; Garvey, G; Walpole, ET; Adams, J; Williamson, D; Valery, PC