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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005An adaptation architecture to improve user-perceived QoS of multimedia services for enterprise remote desktop protocolsLubonski, MM; Gay, VC; Simmonds, AJ; Bugmeyer, A
Jul-2015Analysing and Using Subjective Criteria to Improve Dental Care Recommendation SystemsGay, VC; Pradhan, S; Nepal, S
Jan-2006Around the clock personalized health monitoring using smart phonesGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Nugent, C; Augsto, JC
Jan-2010Body Sensor networks for Mobile Health MonitoringGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Berntzen, L; Bodendorf, F; Lawrence, E; Perry, M; Smedberg, A
18-Nov-2015Bringing Health and Fitness Data Together for Connected Health Care: Mobile Apps as Enablers of InteroperabilityGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P
26-Sep-2016Building Social Awareness for Teens and Young Adults with Autism via GamificationGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Pooley, A; Marsh, T; Ma, M; Oliveria, MF; Hauge, JB; Gobel, S
Jan-2013Capture My Emotion: a Mobile App to Improve Emotion Learning for Autistic Children Using SensorsLeijdekkers, P; Gay, VC; Wong, F; Rodrigues, PP
Jan-2002A Comparative Study Of Policy Specification Languages For Secure Distributed ApplicationsDuflos, S; Diaz, G; Gay, VC; Horlait, E
Jan-2005A conceptual architecture for adaptation in remote desktop systems driven by the user perception of multimediaLubonski, MM; Gay, VC; Simmonds, AJ; Chung, K; Nordholm, S
Jan-2007Considering Security and Quality of Service in SLS to improve Policy-based Management of Multimedia ServicesDuflos, S; Kervalla, B; Gay, VC; Dini, C; Smekal, Z; Lochin, E; Verma, P
Jan-2012An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing the SME's Intention to Adopt m-Banking in Rural BangladeshAhad, MT; Dyson, LE; Gay, VC
Jan-2013Exploring M-Banking for Rural SMEs from the Bank's Perspective: A Focus Group Study in BangladeshAhad, MT; Dyson, LE; Gay, VC; Lee, JN; Mao, JY; Thong, J
Jan-2009Feasibility study of a non invasive cardiac rhythm management systemLeijdekkers, P; Gay, VC; Barin, E
Jan-2010Feasibility Trial of a Novel Mobile Cardiac Rehabilitation ApplicationGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Barin, E; Scientific Committees
Jan-2009From The Hippocratic Oath To Electronic Data Storage: Ethical Aspects For M-Health Projects In AustraliaBrakel, J; Gay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Mário Macedo
15-Dec-2011The Good, the Bad and the Ugly About Social Networks for Health AppsGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; IEEE
Jan-2007A Health Monitoring System Using Smart Phones and Wearable SensorsGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P
Jan-2013Helping Autistic Children Understand Their Emotions Using Facial Expression Recognition and Mobile TechnologiesGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Wu, Q; Wigand, DL; Carlsson, C; Clarke, R; Pucihar, A; Borstnar, MK
14-Dec-2016Impacts of Subjective Aspects in the Matching of Dentists and Patients in Dental Care Recommendation SystemsPradhan, S; Gay, VC; Nepal, S
Jan-2005Improving the SLA-based management of QoS for secure multimedia servicesDuflos, S; Gay, VC; Kervalla, B; Horlait, E; Dalmau Royo, J; Hasegawa, G