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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-04Addressing preconception behaviour change through mobile phone apps: A protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisMusgrave, LM; Homer, CSE; Kizirian, NV; Gordon, A
2020-06-04Applying the Behaviour Change Wheel: insights into the development of the breastfeeding component of the Baby Buddy smartphone appMusgrave, L; Baum, A; Perera, N; Homer, CSE; Gordon, A
2021Baby Buddy app evaluation-effective uplift in breast feeding despite unclear mechanism.Blair, M; Downe, S; Gordon, A; Musgrave, L; Homer, C; Etherington, C
2021-04-15Baby Buddy App for Breastfeeding and Behavior Change: Retrospective Study of the App Using the Behavior Change WheelSzinay, D; Bestek, M; Musgrave, LM; Baum, A; Perera, N; Homer, CSE; Gordon, A
2019-02-01Beyond the headlines: Fetal movement awareness is an important stillbirth prevention strategyFlenady, V; Ellwood, D; Bradford, B; Coory, M; Middleton, P; Gardener, G; Radestad, I; Homer, C; Davies-Tuck, M; Forster, D; Gordon, A; Groom, K; Crowther, C; Walker, S; Foord, C; Warland, J; Murphy, M; Said, J; Boyle, F; O'Donoghue, K; Cronin, R; Sexton, J; Weller, M; McCowan, L
2020-12Clinical care of pregnant and postpartum women with COVID-19: Living recommendations from the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce.Vogel, JP; Tendal, B; Giles, M; Whitehead, C; Burton, W; Chakraborty, S; Cheyne, S; Downton, T; Fraile Navarro, D; Gleeson, G; Gordon, A; Hunt, J; Kitschke, J; McDonald, S; McDonnell, N; Middleton, P; Millard, T; Murano, M; Oats, J; Tate, R; White, H; Elliott, J; Roach, V; Homer, CSE; National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce,
2021-01Counting stillbirths and COVID 19-there has never been a more urgent time.Homer, CSE; Leisher, SH; Aggarwal, N; Akuze, J; Babona, D; Blencowe, H; Bolgna, J; Chawana, R; Christou, A; Davies-Tuck, M; Dandona, R; Gordijn, S; Gordon, A; Jan, R; Korteweg, F; Maswime, S; Murphy, MM; Quigley, P; Storey, C; Vallely, LM; Waiswa, P; Whitehead, C; Zeitlin, J; Flenady, V
2017-01-01Decreasing infection in neonatal intensive care units through quality improvementBowen, JR; Callander, I; Richards, R; Lindrea, KB; Chaudhari, T; Carmo, K; Spence, K; Wake, C; Kinross, D; Shein, D; Jolley, B; Shingde, V; Brandenburg, U; Bolisetti, S; Cameron, D; Bowen, J; Bowers, S; Gordon, A; Bredemeyer, S; Polverino, J; Morritt, ML; Marceau, J; Rochefort, M; Tracy, M; Bajuk, B; Sedgley, S; Leckie, M; Sinclair, L
2004The development of a toxicity database using freshwater macroinvertebrates and its application to South African water resource protection.Palmer, C; Muller, W; Gordon, A; Scherman, P; Pakhomova, L; De Kock, E; Davies-Coleman, H
2020-02Evolutions in estuary governance? Reflections and lessons from Australia, France and New CaledoniaDaniell, KA; Plant, R; Pilbeam, V; Sabinot, C; Paget, N; Astles, K; Steffens, R; Barreteau, O; Bouard, S; Coad, P; Gordon, A; Ferrand, N; Le Meur, P-Y; Lejars, C; Maurel, P; Rubio, A; Rougier, J-E; White, I
2020-11-13Implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement initiative to reduce late gestation stillbirths in Australia: Safer Baby Bundle study protocol.Andrews, CJ; Ellwood, D; Middleton, PF; Gordon, A; Nicholl, M; Homer, CSE; Morris, J; Gardener, G; Coory, M; Davies-Tuck, M; Boyle, FM; Callander, E; Bauman, A; Flenady, VJ; Safer Baby Bundle collaborators,
2019-08-01Messaging matters: A systematic review of the conservation messaging literatureKidd, LR; Garrard, GE; Bekessy, SA; Mills, M; Camilleri, AR; Fidler, F; Fielding, KS; Gordon, A; Gregg, EA; Kusmanoff, AM; Louis, W; Moon, K; Robinson, JA; Selinske, MJ; Shanahan, D; Adams, VM
2020-07-09Mobile Phone Apps in Australia for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: Systematic Search on App Stores (Preprint)Musgrave, LM; Kizirian, NV; Homer, CSE; Gordon, A
2020-11-16Mobile Phone Apps in Australia for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: Systematic Search on App Stores.Musgrave, LM; Kizirian, NV; Homer, CSE; Gordon, A
2019-01-01Survey of Australian maternity hospitals to inform development and implementation of a stillbirth prevention ‘bundle of care’Andrews, CJ; Ellwood, D; Middleton, PF; Homer, CSE; Reinebrant, HE; Donnolley, N; Boyle, FM; Gordon, A; Nicholl, M; Morris, J; Gardener, G; Davies-Tuck, M; Wallace, EM; Flenady, VJ