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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09A scoping review of nurse-led randomised controlled trials.Eckert, M; Kennedy, K; Neylon, K; Rickard, CM; Keogh, S; Gray, R; Middleton, S; Homer, C; Whitehead, L; Sharplin, G
2022-11-21Harnessing the nursing and midwifery workforce to boost Australia's clinical research impact.Eckert, M; Rickard, CM; Forsythe, D; Baird, K; Finn, J; Gilkison, A; Gray, R; Homer, CS; Middleton, S; Neville, S; Whitehead, L; Sharplin, GR; Keogh, S
2010The land I came through lastGray, R
2023-09Midwife led randomised controlled trials in Australia and New Zealand: A scoping review.Homer, C; Neylon, K; Kennedy, K; Baird, K; Gilkison, A; Keogh, S; Middleton, S; Gray, R; Whitehead, L; Finn, J; Rickard, C; Sharplin, G; Neville, S; Eckert, M
2019-09-01Mitigation of cold-water thermal pollution downstream of a large dam with the use of a novel thermal curtainGray, R; Jones, HA; Hitchcock, JN; Hardwick, L; Pepper, D; Lugg, A; Seymour, JR; Mitrovic, SM
2022-10-01Nurse- and midwife-led trials in Australia and New Zealand: Scoping review protocolFish, JA; Rickard, CM; Gray, R; Middleton, S; Homer, C; Keogh, S; Leslie, G; Nemeh, F; Neville, S; Sharplin, G; Whitehead, L; Yates, P; Eckert, M
2020-01-01Reference intervals for parameters of health of eastern grey kangaroos Macropus giganteus and management implications across their geographic rangeBrandimarti, ME; Gray, R; Coulson, G; Cripps, JK; Wilson, ME; Death, C; Snape, M; Wimpenny, C; Oliveira Silva, FR; Miller, EJ; Scanes, E; Spielman, D; Thomas, G; Herbert, CA
2020-02-17The association between community mental health nursing and hospital admissions for people with serious mental illness: a systematic review.Leach, MJ; Jones, M; Bressington, D; Jones, A; Nolan, F; Muyambi, K; Gillam, M; Gray, R