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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03-10A confidence-based entity resolution approach with incomplete informationGu, Q; Zhang, Y; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cuzzocrea, A
2021-12-08Continuous Carbon Channels Enable Full Na-Ion Accessibility for Superior Room-Temperature Na-S Batteries.Wu, C; Lei, Y; Simonelli, L; Tonti, D; Black, A; Lu, X; Lai, W-H; Cai, X; Wang, Y-X; Gu, Q; Chou, S-L; Liu, H-K; Wang, G; Dou, S-X
2021-04-07Copper phosphide as a promising anode material for potassium-ion batteriesYang, Q; Tai, Z; Xia, Q; Lai, W; Wang, W; Zhang, B; Yan, Z; Peng, J; Yang, H; Liu, H; Gu, Q; Chou, S; Liu, H
2018-08-23First Observation of Low-Temperature Magnetic Transition in CuAgSeHan, C; Ding, Q; Zhang, L; Li, W; Wang, J; Gu, Q; Sun, Q; Furukawa, Y; Dou, S; Cheng, Z; Li, Z
2020-12General Synthesis of Single‐Atom Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions and Room‐Temperature Na‐S BatteriesLai, W; Wang, H; Zheng, L; Jiang, Q; Yan, Z; Wang, L; Yoshikawa, H; Matsumura, D; Sun, Q; Wang, Y; Gu, Q; Wang, J; Liu, H; Chou, S; Dou, S
2022-02-01Room-temperature optically detected magnetic resonance of single defects in hexagonal boron nitride.Stern, HL; Gu, Q; Jarman, J; Eizagirre Barker, S; Mendelson, N; Chugh, D; Schott, S; Tan, HH; Sirringhaus, H; Aharonovich, I; Atatüre, M
2022-04-11Streamline Sulfur Redox Reactions to Achieve Efficient Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries.Lei, Y; Wu, C; Lu, X; Hua, W; Li, S; Liang, Y; Liu, H; Lai, W-H; Gu, Q; Cai, X; Wang, N; Wang, Y-X; Chou, S-L; Liu, H-K; Wang, G; Dou, S-X
2019-12-11Stress Distortion Restraint to Boost the Sodium Ion Storage Performance of a Novel Binary HexacyanoferrateLi, W; Han, C; Wang, W; Xia, Q; Chou, S; Gu, Q; Johannessen, B; Liu, H; Dou, S
2019-10-25Structural and functional alterations of the tracheobronchial tree after left upper pulmonary lobectomy for lung cancerGu, Q; Qi, S; Yue, Y; Shen, J; Zhang, B; Sun, W; Qian, W; Islam, MS; Saha, SC; Wu, J
2018-03-01Subcritical n-hexane/isopropanol extraction of lipid from wet microalgal pastes of Scenedesmus obliquusBian, X; Jin, W; Gu, Q; Zhou, X; Xi, Y; Tu, R; Han, SF; Xie, GJ; Gao, SH; Wang, Q