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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A low-profile polarization reconfigurable antennaGuo, P; Ren, Q; Chen, D; Chen, S; Liu, Y
2023-01-01A Novel Programmable Stacked Patch Antenna with the Diversity of Sixteen Linear Polarizations and Four Frequency BandsGuo, P; Zhong, W; Chen, SL; Chen, D; Liu, Y
2022-09-01A Polarization Programmable Antenna ArrayChen, D; Liu, Y; Li, M; Guo, P; Zeng, Z; Hu, J; Guo, YJ
2013-04-02Clinical effects of Xinmailong therapy in patients with chronic heart failureMa, Q; Luo, Y; Guo, P; Gao, G; Yang, M; Sablok, G; Zhang, Y; Zhou, F
2017-01-01CoS nanosheet arrays grown on nickel foam as an excellent OER catalystGuo, P; Wu, YX; Lau, WM; Liu, H; Liu, LM
2022-01-01Design of a Compact, Low-Profile, Differentially-Fed, Filtering Antenna for Diplexer ApplicationsLi, D; Tang, MC; Guo, P; Qi, ZY; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-01Development of Electrically Small, Bandwidth Enhanced, Vertically Polarized FiltennasGuo, P; Tang, MC; Li, D; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW
2018-01-01Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Tasks in Cloud-Based 5G NetworksGuo, P; Liu, M; Wu, J; Xue, Z; He, X
2021-11-30Learning deep relevance couplings for ad-hoc document retrievalHao, S; Shi, C; Cao, L; Niu, Z; Guo, P
2022-01-01Learning Feature Alignment Architecture for Domain AdaptationYue, Z; Guo, P; Zhang, Y; Liang, C
2021-01-01Multi-Objective Meta LearningYe, F; Lin, B; Yue, Z; Guo, P; Xiao, Q; Zhang, Y
2021"Multi-Objective Meta Learning"Ye, F; Lin, B; YUE, Z; Guo, P; Xiao, Q; Zhang, Y
2014-01Personalised Property Investment Risk Analysis Model in the Real Estate IndustryDemong, NA; Lu, J; Hussain, FK; Guo, P; Pedrycz, W
2017-11-02Porous CoP nanosheet arrays grown on nickel foam as an excellent and stable catalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionGuo, P; Wu, YX; Lau, WM; Liu, H; Liu, LM
2015-11-24Tensor index for large scale image retrievalZheng, L; Wang, S; Guo, P; Liang, H; Tian, Q
2022-02-01Vertically Polarized, High-Performance, Electrically Small Monopole FiltennasTang, MC; Guo, P; Li, D; Hu, KZ; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW