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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Bidirectional Self-Rectifying Network with Bayesian Modelling for Vision-Based Crack DetectionZhu, Q; Ha, Q
2018-01-01Accumulative Quadratic ConstraintAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2013-01-01Adaptive scale adjustment design of unsharp masking filters for image contrast enhancementKwok, N; Shi, H; Fang, G; Ha, Q
2002Analysis of the Steady state performance of doubly fed induction machinesBoardman, G; Zhu, J; Ha, Q; Zahedi A
2008-12-01Automatic fuzzy membership function tuning using the particle swarm optimisationFang, G; Kwok, NM; Ha, Q
2021-12-05Bidirectional Self-Rectifying Networks with Bayesian Modelling for Feature Detection and Keypoint AllocationZhu, Q; Ha, Q
2015-07-29Color image enhancement using correlated intensity and saturation adjustmentsKwok, N; Shi, H; Fang, G; Ha, Q; Yu, YH; Wu, T; Li, H; Nguyen, T
2019Crack Detection Using Enhanced Hierarchical Convolutional Neural NetworksZhu, Q; Phung, M; Ha, Q
2020-07Defect detection based on singular value decomposition and histogram thresholdingTran, XT; Dinh, TH; Le, HV; Zhu, Q; Ha, Q
2001-01Development of computerized document revival system for a construction engineering companyKoosha, H; Kerrigan, JH; Madadnia, J; Callaos, N; Hu, Y; Rodriguez, M; Ha, Q
2015-11-01Editorial: ISARC 2014Ha, Q; Wang, X; Bock, T; Balaguer, C
2017-09-01Enhanced discrete particle swarm optimization path planning for UAV vision-based surface inspectionPhung, MD; Quach, CH; Dinh, TH; Ha, Q
2014-01-01Foreword-Message from the chairHa, Q
2017-05-06Frequency shaped sliding mode control of magnetorheological smart structure systemsRoyel, S; Ha, Q
2002General Reference frame modelling of the doubly fed twin stator induction machine using space vectorBoardman, G; Zhu, J; Ha, Q; Zahedi A
2009H-infinity and Exponential Stability of Nonlinear Nonautonomous Systems with Time-Varying DelayPhat, V; Ha, Q
2001-01An information technology system for management of a maintenance engineering projectMadadnia, J; Koosha, H; Hau, D; Callaos, N; Hu, Y; Rodriguez, M; Ha, Q
2018-01-01IntroductionAnthony Tri Tran, C; Ha, Q
2016-05-01Inverse Air-Pollutant Emission and Prediction Using Extended Fractional Kalman FilteringMetia, S; Oduro, SD; Duc, HN; Ha, Q
2019-12-01IoT-enabled dependable control for solar energy harvesting in smart buildingsHa, Q; Phung, MD