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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01An alternative technique for investigating fluid flow around the hand during front crawlUdeshi, A; Halkon, B; Coupland, J
2004-12-01Automatic post-processing of laser vibrometry data for rotor vibration measurementsHalkon, B; Rothberg, S
2014-01-01Biomechanical measurements of human impacts in basketballHalkon, B; Mitchell, S; Payne, T; Carbo, J
2002-01-01A comprehensive velocity sensitivity model for scanning and tracking laser Doppler vibrometry on rotating structuresHalkon, B; Rothberg, S
2002-01-01Comprehensive velocity sensitivity model for scanning and tracking laser vibrometryHalkon, B; Rothberg, S
2003-12-08Continuous Scanning Laser Vibrometry for Measurements on Rotating StructuresHalkon, B; Rothberg, S
2016-01-01Correction of laser Doppler vibrometry measurements affected by steering mirror vibrationHalkon, B; Rothberg, S; Dirckx, J
2016-01-01The Development of a Methodology to Determine the Relationship in Grip Size and Pressure to Racket Head Speed in a Tennis Forehand StrokeChristensen, J; Rasmussen, J; Halkon, B; Koike, S
2016-03-01Development of a synthetic human thigh impact surrogate for sports personal protective equipment testingPayne, T; Mitchell, S; Halkon, B; Bibb, R; Waters, M
2012-01-01Development of a test methodology for the assessment of human impacts in sportHalkon, B; Webster, J; Mitchell, S; Mientjes, M
2019-09-18Final Report - An investigation into the industrial application of laser Doppler vibrometryHalkon, B
2016-01-01Headform Mounting Performance in Cricket Standard TestingStone, B; Halkon, B; Harland, A
2004-08-18Laser Vibrometry meets laser speckleRothberg, S; Halkon, B
2020-01-01Nonlinear Vibration of an Electrostatically Excited Capacitive MicroplateKalhori, H; Halkon, B; Abbasnejad, B; Li, B; Shooshtari, A
2017-04-03A novel phase-aligned analysis on motion patterns of table tennis strokesZhang, Z; Halkon, B; Chou, SM; Qu, X
2014-01-01A novel, real-time biomechanical feedback system for use in rowingHarfield, P; Halkon, B; Mitchell, S; Phillips, I; May, A
2018-01-01On the development and characterisation of a synchronised-scanning laser doppler vibrome-ter systemHalkon, B; Chapman, C
2019-01-01On the possibility of UAV-mounted LDVS for response-only dynamic characterisation of remote infrastructureHalkon, B
2019-09-07Preliminary acoustic analysis measurements of the Murray Bridge track lure systemsHalkon, B; Eager, D
2019-12-31Renewing Mechanical and Mechatronics ProgramsHadgraft, R; Francis, B; Brown, T; Fitch, R; Halkon, B