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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-25Analytical Calculation of Harmonic Losses of an Axial Flux Amorphous Motor Caused by PWM Inverter SupplyingZhu, L; Zhu, J; Tong, W; Han, X
2017-02-05Analytical Method of No-Load Iron Losses of Axial Flux Amorphous Alloy Permanent Magnet MotorZhu, L; Zhu, J; Tong, W; Han, X
2020-11-04Biologically Inspired Smart Contract: A Blockchain-Based DDoS Detection SystemHan, X; Zhang, R; Liu, X; Jiang, F
2020-01-01BlockMeds: A Blockchain-Based Online Prescription System with Privacy ProtectionHe, M; Han, X; Jiang, F; Zhang, R; Liu, X; Liu, X
2017-06-01Can investor sentiment be a momentum time-series predictor? Evidence from ChinaHan, X; Li, Y
2015-01-01Characteristic analysis of pitch-resistant hydraulically interconnected suspensions for two-axle vehiclesDing, F; Han, X; Zhang, N; Luo, Z
2017-12-01Data on metagenomic profiles of activated sludge from a full-scale wastewater treatment plantGuo, J; Ni, BJ; Han, X; Chen, X; Bond, P; Peng, Y; Yuan, Z
2013-06-13Design of Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension Systems for Tri-axle Straight Trucks with Rear Tandem Axle Bogie SuspensionsDing, F; Han, X; Mo, X; Zhang, N
2018-03-01Double-circulatory thermal analyses of a water-cooled permanent magnet motor based on a modified modelZhu, G; Zhu, Y; Tong, W; Han, X; Zhu, J
2011-11-01Formation mechanism of novel two-dimensional single crystalline dendritic copper plates in an aqueous environmentXu, X; Yang, H; Liu, Y; Zheng, Y; Li, L; Ji, Y; Han, X
2007-05-01Genome sequence and identification of candidate vaccine antigens from the animal pathogen Dichelobacter nodosusMyers, GSA; Parker, D; Al-Hasani, K; Kennan, RM; Seemann, T; Ren, Q; Badger, JH; Selengut, JD; DeBoy, RT; Tettelin, H; Boyce, JD; McCarl, VP; Han, X; Nelson, WC; Madupu, R; Mohamoud, Y; Holley, T; Fedorova, N; Khouri, H; Bottomley, SP; Whittington, RJ; Adler, B; Songer, JG; Rood, JI; Paulsen, IT
2019-01-01In situ formation and superior lithium storage properties of tentacle-like ZnO@NC@CNTs compositesWang, Y; Fan, S; Liao, F; Zheng, X; Huang, Z; Han, X
2017-01-01Iron loss research of amorphous alloy motor by considering the influences of solidifying and annealing on stator coreZhu, L; Tong, W; Han, X; Zhu, J
2019-08-01Loss Analysis of the Permanent Magnet Motor with an Amorphous Stator Core by Considering the Influences of Manufacturing ProcessesZhu, L; Han, X; Tang, R; Zhu, J
2012-03-20Modeling and modal analysis of multi-body truck system fitted with hydraulically interconnected suspensionDing, F; Zhang, N; Han, X
2012-12-01Modelling and characteristic analysis of tri-Axle trucks with hydraulically interconnected suspensionsDing, F; Han, X; Luo, Z; Zhang, N
2010-01Modelling and Dynamic Analysis of a Heavy Duty Truck with Rear Tandem Axle Bogie Suspension SystemDing, F; Zhang, N; Han, X; Zhou, XX; Teh, K; Davies, I; Howard, I
2017-08-25A Modified Thermal Rewind Model of Permanent Magnet Motors Based on Finite Formulation MethodZhu, G; Zhu, Y; Zhu, J; Tong, W; Han, X
2013-08-21Optimization of subcarrier allocation in highly dynamic cellular relay networksHan, X; Mao, G; Liu, Z; Huang, L; Qian, M; Shi, J
2018-10-12Residual MeshNet: Learning to deform meshes for single-view 3D reconstructionPan, J; Li, J; Han, X; Jia, K