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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Changing Landscape for delivering services: Co-design; different ideas from a different voiceHanckel, B; Bruce, S; Ryan, R
2017-09-18The City of Sydney 's Approach to the Supply of Affordable HousingMorris, A; Hanckel, B
2014-01-01Finding community and contesting heteronormativity: queer young people's engagement in an Australian online communityHanckel, B; Morris, A
2019-01-01"Hey, i'm having these experiences": Tumblr use and young people's queer (dis)connectionsByron, P; Robards, B; Hanckel, B; Vivienne, S; Churchill, B
2022-04-13'I always have trouble with forms': homeless people on how their literacy affects them - and what would helpHanckel, B; Morris, A; Yasukawa, K
2022-04-13‘I always have trouble with forms’: homeless people on how poor literacy affects them – and what would helpHanckel, B; Morris, A; Yasukawa, K
2016-02-01Mitigating risk and facilitating access to capabilities: The role of affect in the design of an ICT-tool for queer youth in AsiaHanckel, B
2022-07-28Social media use among bisexuals and pansexuals: connection, harassment and mental health.Nelson, R; Robards, B; Churchill, B; Vivienne, S; Byron, P; Hanckel, B
2019-11-01‘That’s not necessarily for them’: LGBTIQ+ young people, social media platform affordances and identity curationHanckel, B; Vivienne, S; Byron, P; Robards, B; Churchill, B
2022-12-19The social life of data: strategies for categorizing fluid and multiple gendersVivienne, S; Hanckel, B; Byron, P; Robards, B; Churchill, B
2020-11-02Tumblr as a Space of Learning, Connecting, and Identity Formation for LGBTIQ+ Young PeopleRobards, B; Byron, P; Churchill, B; Vivienne, S; Hanckel, B; McCracken, A; Cho, A; Stein, L; Hoch, IN