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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Adjusting creditor rights against third parties during debt restructuringHarris, J
2014-12-01Administrator liability when selling encumbered assetsHarris, J; Hargovan, A
2012-01Assessing the effect of the PPSA on the Corporations Act and corporate law teachingHarris, J
2022-10-30Australian fertility preservation guidelines for people with cancer 2022: review and recommendations.Kieu, V; Stern, C; Harris, J; Jayasinghe, Y; Bradford, N; Cui, W; Deans, R; Hunter, T; Allingham, C; Kane, SC; Lau, LS; Logan, S; McLachlan, R; Neville, K; Peate, M; Phillips, M; Saunders, C; Tome, M; Upreti, R; White, K; Anazodo, A; Hart, RJ
2017-06-01Autophagy and inflammasomesHarris, J; Lang, T; Thomas, JPW; Sukkar, MB; Nabar, NR; Kehrl, JH
2016-03-01Barbarians at the gate? Activist investors and s 249NHarris, J
2013-01Before the High Court For Whom the Bell Tolls: Directors' Duties to Creditors after BellHargovan, AC; Harris, J
2010-01Charting the Limits of Insolvency Reorganisations: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc v City of SwanHarris, J
2017-09-29Class Warfare In Debt Restructuring: Does Australia Need Cross-Class Cram Down For Creditors’ Schemes Of Arrangement?Harris, J
2017-09-25Committees of inspection under the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016Harris, J
2012-01Company Law: Theories, Principles and ApplicationsHarris, J
2006-01The constitutional basis of s 447A: Is it a power without limit?Harris, J
2007-01Corporate group insolvencies: Charting the past, present and future of pooling arrangementsHarris, J
2010-09-01Corporate groups: the intersection between corporate and tax law Commissioner of Taxation v BHP Billiton Finance LtdHarris, J; Hargovan, AC
2011-01Cutting the Gordian Knot of corporate law: Revisiting veil piercing in corporate groupsHarris, J; Hargovan, AC
2014-10-06Dealing with registration issues on the PPSRHarris, J; Mirzai, N
2009-01Director liability for insolvent trading: Is the cure worse than the disease?Harris, J
2009-01The duties of in-house counsel: The bold, the bright and the blurred?Evers, M; Harris, J
2018-06-01Employing the arts for knowledge production and translation: Visualizing new possibilities for women speaking up about safety concerns in maternityMackintosh, N; Sandall, J; Collison, C; Carter, W; Harris, J
2011-01Enhancing the Role of Creditors' Committees in Corporate Rescue LawsHarris, J; Sarra Janis, P