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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Comparing immunochromatography with latex antigen agglutination testing for the diagnosis of cryptococcosis in cats, dogs and koalasKrockenberger, MB; Marschner, C; Martin, P; Reppas, G; Halliday, C; Schmertmann, LJ; Harvey, AM; Malik, R
2022-05-30Ethical Treatment of Invasive and Native Fauna in Australia: Perspectives through the One Welfare Lens.Kennedy, BPA; Boyle, N; Fleming, PJS; Harvey, AM; Jones, B; Ramp, D; Dixon, R; McGreevy, PD
2019-11-01Evaluation of benazepril in cats with heart disease in a prospective, randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trialKing, JN; Martin, M; Chetboul, V; Ferasin, L; French, AT; Strehlau, G; Seewald, W; Smith, SGW; Swift, ST; Roberts, SL; Harvey, AM; Little, CJL; Caney, SMA; Simpson, KE; Sparkes, AH; Mardell, EJ; Bomassi, E; Muller, C; Sauvage, JP; Diquélou, A; Schneider, MA; Brown, LJ; Clarke, DD; Rousselot, JF
2017-06Management and monitoring of hyperthyroid cats: a survey of Australian veterinarians.Kopecny, L; Higgs, P; Hibbert, A; Malik, R; Harvey, AM
2020-01-01Maternal protectiveness in feral horses: responses to intraspecific and interspecific sources of riskWatts, ET; Johnson, CN; Carver, S; Butler, C; Harvey, AM; Cameron, EZ
2023-04-28Mental Experiences in Wild Animals: Scientifically Validating Measurable Welfare Indicators in Free-Roaming Horses.Harvey, AM; Beausoleil, NJ; Ramp, D; Mellor, DJ
2017-01-01Metastatic pulmonary carcinomas in cats (‘feline lung–digit syndrome’): further variations on a themeThrift, E; Greenwell, C; Turner, AL; Harvey, AM; Maher, D; Malik, R
2022-12-01Review of the Foundational Knowledge Required for Assessing Horse Welfare.Harvey, AM; Ramp, D; Mellor, DJ
2020-01-01A Ten-Stage Protocol for Assessing the Welfare of Individual Non-Captive Wild Animals: Free-Roaming Horses (Equus Ferus Caballus) as an ExampleHarvey, AM; Beausoleil, NJ; Ramp, D; Mellor, DJ
2020-10The environmental needs of many Australian pet cats are not being met.Lawson, GT; Langford, FM; Harvey, AM
2021-07-15Use of Remote Camera Traps to Evaluate Animal-Based Welfare Indicators in Individual Free-Roaming Wild HorsesHarvey, AM; Morton, JM; Mellor, DJ; Russell, V; Chapple, RS; Ramp, D
2019-04-01Wild horse populations in south-east Australia have a high prevalence of Strongylus vulgaris and may act as a reservoir of infection for domestic horsesHarvey, AM; Meggiolaro, MN; Hall, E; Watts, ET; Ramp, D; Šlapeta, J