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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-01A comprehensive investigation of energy management practices within energy intensive industries in BangladeshHasan, ASMM; Tuhin, RA; Ullah, M; Sakib, TH; Thollander, P; Trianni, A
2020-11-01A Review of Energy Management Assessment Models for Industrial Energy EfficiencyHasan, ASMM; Trianni, A
2022-11-01Bioethanol and biodiesel blended fuels — Feasibility analysis of biofuel feedstocks in BangladeshMahmud, S; Haider, ASMR; Shahriar, ST; Salehin, S; Hasan, ASMM; Johansson, MT
2019-06-01Biogas potential from municipal and agricultural residual biomass for power generation in Hazaribagh, Bangladesh – A strategy to improve the energy systemHasan, ASMM; Ammenberg, J
2023-09Boosting the adoption of industrial energy efficiency measures through industry 4.0 technologies to improve operational performanceHasan, ASMM; Trianni, A
2022-01-01Drivers and barriers to the implementation of biogas technologies in BangladeshHasan, ASMM; Kabir, MA; Hoq, MT; Johansson, MT; Thollander, P
2019-05-01Empirical investigation of barriers and driving forces for efficient energy management practices in non-energy-intensive manufacturing industries of BangladeshHasan, ASMM; Hossain, R; Tuhin, RA; Sakib, TH; Thollander, P
2018-11-01Energy management practices in Bangladesh's iron and steel industriesHasan, ASMM; Hoq, MT; Thollander, P
2022-10-01Energy management practices, barriers, and drivers in Bangladesh: An exploratory insight from pulp and paper industrySiddique, MNI; Hasan, ASMM; Kabir, MA; Prottasha, FZ; Samin, AM; Soumik, SS; Trianni, A
2022-01-26Towards a Framework Linking Industrial Energy Efficiency Measures with Production ResourcesHasan, ASMM; Raza, M; Katic, M; Trianni, A
2022-01-01Towards a Framework to Assess the Impact of Industry 4.0 Technologies & Services on Production ResourcesHasan, ASMM; Trianni, A