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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Analysis of the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a turbocharged diesel engine fuelled with Jatropha curcas biodiesel-diesel blends using kernel-based extreme learning machine.Silitonga, AS; Hassan, MH; Ong, HC; Kusumo, F
2019-05-10Biodiesel production from Calophyllum inophyllum-Ceiba pentandra oil mixture: Optimization and characterizationOng, HC; Milano, J; Silitonga, AS; Hassan, MH; Shamsuddin, AH; Wang, CT; Indra Mahlia, TM; Siswantoro, J; Kusumo, F; Sutrisno, J
2017-10-15Experimental study and prediction of the performance and exhaust emissions of mixed Jatropha curcas-Ceiba pentandra biodiesel blends in diesel engine using artificial neural networksDharma, S; Hassan, MH; Ong, HC; Sebayang, AH; Silitonga, AS; Kusumo, F; Milano, J
2016-11-20Improvement of cold flow properties of Cocos nucifera and Calophyllum inophyllum biodiesel blends using polymethyl acrylate additiveIslam, MM; Hassan, MH; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWBM; Habibullah, M; Hossain, MM
2022-03-01Optimisation of biodiesel production from mixed Sterculia foetida and rice bran oilKusumo, F; Mahlia, TMI; Shamsuddin, AH; Ahmad, AR; Silitonga, AS; Dharma, S; Mofijur, M; Ideris, F; Ong, HC; Sebayang, R; Milano, J; Hassan, MH; Varman, M
2017-01-01Optimization of biodiesel production from mixed jatropha curcas-ceiba pentandra using artificial neural network- genetic algorithm: Evaluation of reaction kinetic modelsDharma, S; Hassan, MH; Ong, HC; Sebayang, AH; Silitonga, AS; Kusumo, F
2017-01-01Optimization of reducing sugar production from Manihot glaziovii starch using response surface methodologySebayang, AH; Hassan, MH; Ong, HC; Dharma, S; Silitonga, AS; Kusumo, F; Mahlia, TMI; Bahar, AH
2021-01-01Sustainability of Palm Biodiesel in Transportation: a Review on Biofuel Standard, Policy and International Collaboration Between Malaysia and Colombia.Yusoff, MNAM; Zulkifli, NWM; Sukiman, NL; Chyuan, OH; Hassan, MH; Hasnul, MH; Zulkifli, MSA; Abbas, MM; Zakaria, MZ
2018-01-01Tribological performance of DLC/DLC and steel/DLC contacts in the presence of additivated oilMannan, A; Sabri, MFM; Kalam, A; Hassan, MH