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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01ABOVE AND BELOW The distribution of mermaid, siren and sirène place names across Canada and the creation of related tourist attractionsHayward, P
-Absolute Waterfrontage: Road Networked Artificial Islands and Finger Island Canal Estates on Australia’s Gold CoastHayward, P; Fleury, C
-The Aquapelago and the Estuarine City: Reflections on ManhattanHayward, P
2016-02-01"Austin Powers: Intentional Music Man"Evans, M; Giuffre, E; Evans, M; Hayward, P
2019-01-01Changelings, conformity and difference: Dyesebel and the Sirena in filipi no popular cultureHayward, P
2016-10Chart Mythos: The JAMs' and The KLF's Invocation of MuFitzgerald, J; Hayward, P
2021-12-07Coke and the beachHayward, P
2020-10-15Cruisicology The Music Culture of Cruise ShipsCashman, D; Hayward, P
2023-12-01Cyber Micronations and Digital SovereigntyHobbs, H; Hayward, P; Motum, R
2019-01-01The dark side of christmas: Incarceration and alienation in Gabrielle Brady's film Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2018)Hayward, P
2021-01-01Embodying the anthropocene: Embattled crustaceans, extractivism, and eco-tourism on christmas island (indian ocean)Hayward, P
2016-11-01Enduring perceptions: Placenaming and the perception of Louisiana’s salt dome islandsHayward, P
2021-08-09Entangled in the Mangroves: Negotiating Anthropocene Heritage in the Terrestrial/Marine Interzone of an Iconic Harbour CityHayward, P
2022-11-24Firing up the Anthropocene: Conflagration, Representation and Temporality in Modern AustraliaHayward, P
2015Fleeting and Partial Autonomy: A historical account of quasi-micronational initiatives on Lundy Island and their contemporary reconfiguration on MicroWikiKhamis, S; Hayward, P
2017A Fleeting Aquapelago: A theoretical consideration of the Japanese presence in the Torres Strait 1880s-1940sHayward, P
2019-01-01From dugongs to sinetrons: Syncretic mermaids in Indonesian cultureHayward, P
2017-01-01Gaming e tide: E territorialisation of temporarily exposed English sandbanks for social cricket eventsHayward, P
2018-01-01I's the Merb'Y: Masculinity, mermen and contemporary NewfoundlandHayward, P; Thorne, CW
2021-06-29Insular Peninsularities: Geography, demography and local identity in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sutherland ShireHayward, P; Middleweek, B; Fleury, C