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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-12-01An approach to edge detection on a virtual hexagonal structureHe, X; Jia, W; Li, J; Wu, Q; Hintz, T
2005-12-01Attributed graph visualization of collaborative workspacesHuang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Hintz, T
2006-12-01Basic transformations on virtual hexagonal structureHe, X; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Hur, N; Hintz, T; Wang, H; Kim, J
2009-09-01A bi-modal face recognition framework integrating facial expression with facial appearanceTsai, P; Cao, L; Hintz, T; Jan, T
2006-01-01Bilateral edge detection on a virtual hexagonal structureXiangjian, H; Wenjing, J; Hur, N; Qiang, W; Jinwoong, K; Hintz, T
2006-12-01Car plate detection using cascaded tree-style learner based on hybrid object featuresWu, Q; Zhang, H; Jia, W; He, X; Yang, J; Hintz, T
2007-12-01Comparison of image conversions between square structure and hexagonal structureHe, X; Li, J; Hintz, T
2005-01A comparison of ultra wideband signal functions for wireless ad hoc networksAgbinya, JI; Truong, HD; He, X; Hintz, T; Piccardi, M; Wu, Q; Huang, M; Tien, D
2003-12-01Complete image partitioning on spiral architectureWu, Q; He, X; Hintz, T; Ye, Y
2006-09-01Description of the cardiac movement using hexagonal image structuresHe, X; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Hintz, T
2005-01-01Discovering attack structures using behavior driven alert correlation with dynamic visualization of network intrusionsRana, AZ; Huang, ML; Hintz, T; Hamza, MH
2002-01-01Distributed image processing on spiral architectureWu, Q; He, X; Hintz, T
2004-01Edge Detection Based on Modified BP Algorithm of ANNZheng, L; He, S; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; He, S; Hunag, ML; Feng, DD; Jin, J
2004-12-01Edge detection on spiral architecture: An overviewHe, X; Hintz, T; Wu, Q
2003-12-01Edge map improvement on Spiral ArchitectureWu, Q; He, X; Hintz, T
2004-12-01Efficient video object classifier using locality-enhanced support vector machinesJan, T; Tsai, PH; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T
2008-12-01An evaluation of bi-modal facial appearance+facial expression face biometricsTsai, P; Tran, TP; Hintz, T; Jan, T
2004-01Face and Body gesture recognition for a vision-based multimodal analyserGunes, H; Piccardi, M; Jan, T; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; He, S; Huang, M; Feng, D; Jin, J
2007-12-01Facial behavior as behavior biometrie? An empirical studyTsai, P; Hintz, T; Jan, T
2005-12-01Fractal image compression on a pseudo Spiral ArchitectureWang, H; Wang, M; Hintz, T; He, X; Wu, Q