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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-30Assessing the validity and sensitivity of microbial processes within a hydrodynamic model.Ruprecht, JE; King, IP; Mitrovic, SM; Dafforn, KA; Miller, BM; Deiber, M; Westhorpe, DP; Hitchcock, JN; Harrison, AJ; Glamore, WC
2013-12-20Different resource limitation by carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus between base flow and high flow conditions for estuarine bacteria and phytoplanktonHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM
2016-10-01Dissolved organic carbon delivery from managed flow releases in a montane snowmelt riverRohlfs, AM; Mitrovic, SM; Williams, S; Hitchcock, JN; Rees, GN
2023-05-01Experimental additions of allochthonous dissolved organic matter reveal multiple trophic pathways to stimulate planktonic food websBalzer, MJ; Hitchcock, JN; Hadwen, WL; Kobayashi, T; Westhorpe, DP; Boys, C; Mitrovic, SM
2023-01-01Flow event size influences carbon, nutrient and zooplankton dynamics in a highly regulated lowland riverBalzer, MJ; Hitchcock, JN; Kobayashi, T; Westhorpe, DP; Boys, C; Mitrovic, SM
2015Freshwater inflows to estuaries : organic carbon and microbial food webs in south-east AustraliaHitchcock, JN
2019-01-01Gender, inter/disciplinarity and marginality in the social sciences and humanities: A comparison of six disciplinesPearse, R; Hitchcock, JN; Keane, H
2010-08-01Growth responses of Cyclotella meneghiniana (Bacillariophyceae) to various temperaturesMitrovic, SM; Hitchcock, JN; Davie, AW; Ryan, DA
2015-01-01Highs and lows: The effect of differently sized freshwater inflows on estuarine carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria and chlorophyll a dynamicsHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM
2019-04-01Microplastic pollution in estuaries across a gradient of human impactHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM
2022-05-01Microplastics can alter phytoplankton community composition.Hitchcock, JN
2019-09-01Mitigation of cold-water thermal pollution downstream of a large dam with the use of a novel thermal curtainGray, R; Jones, HA; Hitchcock, JN; Hardwick, L; Pepper, D; Lugg, A; Seymour, JR; Mitrovic, SM
2010-01-01Responses of estuarine bacterioplankton, phytoplankton and zooplankton to dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and inorganic nutrient additionsHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM; Kobayashi, T; Westhorpe, DP
2022-08Severe cyanobacterial blooms in an Australian lake; causes and factors controlling succession patterns.Facey, JA; Michie, LE; King, JJ; Hitchcock, JN; Apte, SC; Mitrovic, SM
2014-01-01Short-term changes in zooplankton density and community structure in response to different sources of dissolved organic carbon in an unconstrained lowland river: Evidence for food web supportMitrovic, SM; Westhorpe, DP; Kobayashi, T; Baldwin, DS; Ryan, D; Hitchcock, JN
2016-01-01Terrestrial dissolved organic carbon subsidizes estuarine zooplankton: An in situ mesocosm studyHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM; Hadwen, WL; Roelke, DL; Growns, IO; Rohlfs, AM
2016-01-01Zooplankton responses to freshwater inflows and organic-matter pulses in a wave-dominated estuaryHitchcock, JN; Mitrovic, SM; Hadwen, WL; Growns, IO; Rohlfs, AM