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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Adaptive second-order sliding mode control of UAVs for civil applicationsHoang, VT; Singh, AM; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
-Adaptive Super-twisting Second-order Sliding Mode for Attitude Control of Quadcopter UAVsHoang, VT; Pham, QH
2018-02-07Adaptive twisting sliding mode control for quadrotor unmanned aerial vehiclesHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
2018-12-27Angle-Encoded Swarm Optimization for UAV Formation Path PlanningHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Dinh, TH; Ha, QP
2017-01-01Automatic crack detection in built infrastructure using unmanned aerial vehiclesPhung, MD; Dinh, TH; Hoang, VT; Ha, QP
2019-12-01‘Blue boats’ and ‘reef robbers’: A new maritime security threat for the Asia Pacific?Song, AM; Hoang, VT; Cohen, PJ; Aqorau, T; Morrison, TH
2018-01-01Crack detection using enhanced thresholding on UAV based collected imagesZhu, Q; Dinh, TH; Hoang, VT; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
2022-01-01Enhanced Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization for 3D Path Planning of Multicopter UAVsHoang, VT; Phung, MD
2016-01-01Fast terminal sliding mode control for gantry cranesSingh, AM; Hoang, VT; Ha, QP
2021Monitoring System-Based Flying IoT in Public Health and Sports Using Ant-Enabled Energy-Aware Routing.Khan, IU; Hassan, MA; Alshehri, MD; Ikram, MA; Alyamani, HJ; Alturki, R; Hoang, VT
2019-08-01Reconfigurable Multi-UAV Formation Using Angle-Encoded PSOHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Dinh, TH; Zhu, Q; Ha, QP
2019System Architecture for Real-Time Surface Inspection Using Multiple UAVsHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Dinh, TH; Ha, QP