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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10An evaluation of a service to keep children safe in families with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.Coates, D; Howe, D
2017-07-01“Being in a group with others who have mental illness makes all the difference”: The views and experiences of parents who attended a mental health parenting programCoates, D; Phelan, R; Heap, J; Howe, D
2018-10-01The CHOICE pilot project: Challenges of implementing a combined peer work and shared decision-making programme in an early intervention serviceSimmons, MB; Coates, D; Batchelor, S; Dimopoulos-Bick, T; Howe, D
2015Combatting staff burnout in mental health: key managerial and leadership tasks that are fundamental to staff wellbeing and retentionCoates, D; Howe, D
2014-01-01Headspace Gosford data: The local application of a National modelHowe, D; Coates, D; Batchelor, S
2014-11-01The importance and benefits of youth participation in mental health settings from the perspective of the headspace Gosford Youth Alliance in AustraliaCoates, D; Howe, D
2017-01-01Improving throughput in a youth mental health serviceCoates, D; Howe, D
2016-07-02Integrating a youth participation model in a youth mental health service: Challenges and lessons learnedCoates, D; Howe, D
2019-04-15Mental Health Attitudes and Beliefs in a Community Sample on the Central Coast in Australia: Barriers to Help SeekingCoates, D; Saleeba, C; Howe, D
2014-01-01Nine key principles to guide youth mental health: Development of service models in New South WalesHowe, D; Batchelor, S; Coates, D; Cashman, E
-Policies, Guidelines, and Practices Supporting Women’s Menstruation, Menstrual Disorders and Menopause at Work: A Critical Global Scoping ReviewHowe, D; Duffy, S; O’Shea, M; Hawkey, A; Wardle, J; Gerontakos, S; Steele, L; Gilbert, E; Owen, L; Ciccia, D; Cox, E; Redmond, R; Armour, M
2018-01-01Profile of consumers and their partners of a perinatal and infant mental health (PIMH) service in AustraliaCoates, D; Saleeba, C; Howe, D
2019-01-02The psychiatric, psychosocial and physical health profile of young people with early psychosis: Data from an early psychosis intervention serviceCoates, D; Wright, L; Moore, T; Pinnell, S; Merillo, C; Howe, D
2019-01-01South Pacific: Fostering healthy lifestylesSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Collison, H; Darnell, S; Giulianotti, R; Howe, D
2020-07The Experiences of Youth Mental Health Peer Workers over Time: A Qualitative Study with Longitudinal Analysis.Simmons, MB; Grace, D; Fava, NJ; Coates, D; Dimopoulos-Bick, T; Batchelor, S; Howe, D; Montague, AE
2017-08-01Young Australians with moderate to severe mental health problems: client data and outcomes at Children and Young People's Mental HealthHowe, D; Batchelor, S; Coates, DD