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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-26A Cohesive Structure Based Bipartite Graph Analytics SystemWang, K; Hu, Y; Lin, X; Zhang, W; Qin, L; Zhang, Y
2019-01-01A Delay-Tolerant Payment Scheme Based on the Ethereum BlockchainHu, Y; Manzoor, A; Ekparinya, P; Liyanage, M; Thilakarathna, K; Jourjon, G; Seneviratne, A
2018-01-30A Delay-Tolerant Payment Scheme Based on the Ethereum BlockchainHu, Y; Manzoor, A; Ekparinya, P; Liyanage, M; Thilakarathna, K; Jourjon, G; Seneviratne, A; Ylianttila, ME
2023-01-01A New SVM Strategy to Suppress Total Harmonic Distortion and Current Stress in HFLMCsHu, Y; Jin, P; Guo, Y; Lei, G; Zhu, J
2024-05-01A Novel SVM Strategy to Reduce Current Stress of High-Frequency Link Matrix ConverterJin, P; Hu, Y; Lei, G; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2021-01-01A Privacy-Aware PUFs-Based Multi-Server Authentication Protocol in Cloud-Edge IoT Systems Using BlockchainZhang, Y; Li, B; Liu, B; Hu, Y; Zheng, H
2020-02-01A two-stage dynamic capacity planning approach for agricultural machinery maintenance service with demand uncertaintyHu, Y; Liu, Y; Wang, Z; Wen, J; Li, J; Lu, J
2023-02ABEM: An adaptive agent-based evolutionary approach for influence maximization in dynamic social networksLi, W; Hu, Y; Jiang, C; Wu, S; Bai, Q; Lai, E
2018-01-01Active discriminative network representation learningGao, L; Yang, H; Zhou, C; Wu, J; Pan, S; Hu, Y
2010-09-24Acute, multiple-dose dermal and genetic toxicity of Nu-3: A novel antimicrobial agentSun, LQ; Sun, J; Hu, Y; Cao, S; Zhang, G; Wang, M
2018-01-01Anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnDMBR) for wastewater treatment: A reviewHu, Y; Wang, XC; Ngo, HH; Sun, Q; Yang, Y
2021-03-06Analytical Modeling and Design of Novel Conical Halbach Permanent Magnet Couplings for Underwater PropulsionLi, Y; Hu, Y; Guo, Y; Song, B; Mao, Z
2020-09Application of a specific membrane fouling control enhancer in membrane bioreactor for real municipal wastewater treatment: Sludge characteristics and microbial community.Deng, L; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Wang, XC; Hu, Y; Chen, R; Cheng, D; Guo, S; Cao, Y
2017-01-01Applying fermentation liquid of food waste as carbon source to a pilot-scale anoxic/oxic-membrane bioreactor for enhancing nitrogen removal: Microbial communities and membrane fouling behaviourTang, J; Wang, XC; Hu, Y; Ngo, HH; Li, Y; Zhang, Y
2023-09-01Are public—private partnerships still an answer for social infrastructure? A systematic literature reviewMa, L; Hu, Y; Zhu, L; Ke, Y
2017-11-14Are Wearables Ready for Secure and Direct Internet Communication?Kolamunna, H; Chauhan, J; Hu, Y; Thilakarathna, K; Perino, D; Makaroff, D; Seneviratne, A
2021-01-04Bayesian personalized ranking based on multiple-layer neighborhoodsHu, Y; Xiong, F; Pan, S; Xiong, X; Wang, L; Chen, H
2023-11-15Bioenergy production from swine wastewater based on a combined process of anaerobic dynamic membrane reactor and microalgae cultivation: Feasibility and performance.Tang, J; Yang, H; Pu, Y; Hu, Y; Qu, X; Chen, S; Wang, XC; Ngo, HH; Li, Y; Abomohra, A
2018-09-26Blockchain-based Smart Contracts - Applications and ChallengesHu, Y; Liyanage, M; Mansoor, A; Thilakarathna, K; Jourjon, G; Seneviratne, A
2019-06-27Bone measurements at multiple skeletal sites in adolescent idiopathic scoliosisan in vivo correlation study using DXA, HR-pQCT and QCTCheuk, KY; Hu, Y; Tam, EMS; Shi, L; Yu, FWP; Hung, VWY; Lai, KCY; Cheng, WHW; Yip, BHK; Qin, L; Ng, BKW; Chu, WCW; Griffith, J; Guo, XE; Cheng, JCY; Lam, TP