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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Applying data visualization techniques for stock relationship analysisHua, J; Huang, ML; Wang, G; Zreika, M
1-Jan-2019Applying graph centrality metrics in visual analytics of scientific standard datasetsHua, J; Huang, ML; Huang, W; Zhao, C
1-Jan-2014Drawing large weighted graphs using clustered force-directed algorithmHua, J; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV
31-Oct-2012Force-directed graph visualization with pre-positioning: Improving convergence time and quality of layoutHua, J; Huang, ML; Huang, W; Wang, J; Nguyen, QV
1-Jan-2018Graph Layout Performance Comparisons of Force-Directed AlgorithmsHua, J; Huang, ML; Wang, G
1-Jan-2013Improving the quality of clustered graph drawing through a 'dummy element' approachHua, J; Huang, ML
2014Optimization of force-directed graph drawing for large data visualization : methods for reducing the convergence time, and improving the readability on force-directed graph drawingHua, J
21-Oct-2017Performance Comparisons between Force-directed Algorithms on Structured Data AnalysisHua, J; Huang, M; Wang, G
1-Dec-2012Rectangle orientation in area judgment task for treemap designLiang, J; Hua, J; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Simoff, S
1-Sep-2017Sprinkled semantic diffusion kernel for word sense disambiguationWang, T; Li, W; Liu, F; Hua, J
1-May-2012Ultrafast modification of elements distribution and local luminescence properties in glassTeng, Y; Zhou, J; Lin, G; Hua, J; Zeng, H; Zhou, S; Qiu, J