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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Ableism in higher education: the negation of crip temporalities within the neoliberal academyRodgers, J; Thorneycroft, R; Cook, PS; Humphrys, E; Asquith, NL; Yaghi, SA; Foulstone, A
2015Anti-politics and the Illusions of NeoliberalismHumphrys, E; Tietze, T
2020-12-01Anti-politics in Australia: Hypothesis, Evidence and TrendsHumphrys, E; Copland, S; Mansillo, L
2013-06-12The birth of Australia: Non-capitalist social relations in a capitalist mode of production?Humphrys, E
2013-06-12Capital against capitalism: New research in marxist political economyHumphrys, E; Collerson, J
2018-03-01From economic rationalism to global neoliberalism? Marking 25 years since Economic Rationalism in CanberraBarnes, T; Humphrys, E; Pusey, M
2015-01-01From global justice to occupy everywhereHumphrys, E
2013-06-01Global Justice Organising in Australia: Crisis and Realignment after 9/11Humphrys, E
2019-11Heat in the Streets: Mapping the Lived Experience of Heat Stress of Climate-exposed Workers Towards Developing a Thriving and Resilient CityBiloria, N; Goodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; pakdel, P; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L
2019-07-14Heat Stress and On-Demand Work: The Experience of Food Delivery and Courier CyclistsGoodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L; Biloria, NM; pakdel, P
2024-01-09Hegemony as a protean conceptHumphrys, E; Carroll, WK
2021-09-23High Heat and Climate Chage at Work: Report for the United Workers UnionHumphrys, E; Newman, F
2017-07-01How Labour Made NeoliberalismHumphrys, E; Cahill, D
2022-12-01MUDHumphrys, E
2024Neoliberalism: Different paths within a global projectHumphrys, E; Dauncey, E; Desai, V; Potter, RB
2015Neoliberalism: Dominant Narratives and Counter CasesHumphrys, E
2011On Utøya: Anders Breivik, Right Terror, Racism and EuropeHumphrys, E; Rundle, G; Tietze, T; Humphrys, E; Rundle, G; Tietze, T
2018-08-01On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio GramsciHumphrys, E; Shalbak, I
2013Organic Intellectuals and the Australian Global Justice Movement: The Weight of 9/11Humphrys, E; Baker, C; Cox, L; Krinsky, J; Nielsen, A
2020-11-01Philanthropy and the “Management” of Working-Class Women: The West Gate Bridge DisasterHumphrys, E; Gregson, S