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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015A comparison of two computational methods (RANS and LES) in analysing of ventilation flow through a room fitted with a two-sided windcatcher for free flow conditionNiktash, A; Huynh, BP; Liu, GR; Das, R
1-Jan-2013Computational study of single-sided ventilation through a 3-dimensional room with rounded edgesIdris, A; Huynh, BP
8-Dec-1999Contribution to extrudate swell from the velocity factor in non-isothermal extrusionHuynh, BP; Schwarz, MP; Davidson, MR; Easton, AK; Witt, PJ; Sawley, ML
5-Dec-2016Effects of a new-design diffuser and a tail piece on an axial-flow pump’s performanceRosier, RF; Avakian, VV; Huynh, BP; Ivey, G; Zhou, T; Jones, N; Draper, S
1-Jan-2016Effects of entrance geometry on solar chimney's performanceHuynh, BP
24-Nov-1995Effects of Wall Temperature and Die Geometry on Extrudate Swell in Extrusion through Annular DiesHuynh, BP; Dao, NV; Kreuzer, E
5-Dec-2016Effects on Natural-Convection Heat Transfer of a Partial Partition in a Cubic EnclosureAl-Krmah, DA-D; Huynh, BP; Jamil, N; Ivey, G; Zhou, T; Jones, N; Draper, S
1-Jan-2017Flow across a butterfly valve in a dam penstockLattouf, D; Huynh, BP
2017ICCM2015: A Comparison of RANS and LES Computational Methods in Analyzing Ventilation Flow Through a Room Fitted with a Two-Sided WindcatcherNiktash, A; Huynh, BP
25-Aug-2000Influence of surface cooling on extrudate swell - A numerical studyHuynh, BP; Binding, DM; Hudson, NE; Mewis, J; Piau, J-M; Petrie, CJS; Townsend, P; Wagner, MH; Walters, K
5-Dec-2016Measurement of air flow through a green-wall moduleAbdo, P; Huynh, BP; Avakian, V; Nguyen, TT; Gammon, J; Torpy, FR; Irga, PJ
1-Dec-2012Natural-ventilation flow in a 3-D room fitted with solar chimneyHuynh, BP
1-Jan-1998A numerical investigation of non-isothermal extrusion through annular dies - Influence of wall temperatures on extrudate swellHuynh, BP; Lee, JS
1-Jan-2015Numerical Simulations Of The Flow And Heat Behaviour For A Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger In An Outdoor Power Supply CabinetAbdullah, Z; Huynh, BP; Idris, A
29-Oct-2003A numerical study of slider bearings with limited corrugationHuynh, BP; Yamaguchi, E
2-Jul-1998A Numerical Study of the Influence of Die Geometry on Extrudate Swell in Non-Isothermal Extrusion through Annular DiesHuynh, BP; Idelsohn, S; Oñate, E; Dvorkin, E
1-Jan-2014Performance of a stepped airfoil at low reynolds numbersCox, MJ; Avakian, V; Huynh, BP
1-Jan-2016The Simulation of Natural Ventilation of Buildings with Different Location of Windows/OpeningsIdris, A; Huynh, BP; Abdullah, Z
1-Nov-1988Some Turbulence Characteristics Of The Convectively Mixed Layers Over Rugged And Homogeneous TerrainHuynh, BP; Coulman, CE; Turner, TR