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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06Influence of offshore oil and gas structures on seascape ecological connectivity.McLean, DL; Ferreira, LC; Benthuysen, JA; Miller, KJ; Schläppy, M-L; Ajemian, MJ; Berry, O; Birchenough, SNR; Bond, T; Boschetti, F; Bull, AS; Claisse, JT; Condie, SA; Consoli, P; Coolen, JWP; Elliott, M; Fortune, IS; Fowler, AM; Gillanders, BM; Harrison, HB; Hart, KM; Henry, L-A; Hewitt, CL; Hicks, N; Hock, K; Hyder, K; Love, M; Macreadie, PI; Miller, RJ; Montevecchi, WA; Nishimoto, MM; Page, HM; Paterson, DM; Pattiaratchi, CB; Pecl, GT; Porter, JS; Reeves, DB; Riginos, C; Rouse, S; Russell, DJF; Sherman, CDH; Teilmann, J; Todd, VLG; Treml, EA; Williamson, DH; Thums, M
2023-03-01Quantifying the potential impact of reducing recreational harvest limits on the catch of a key marine species using off-site angler survey dataOchwada-Doyle, F; Hughes, J; Fowler, AM; Murphy, J; Stark, K; Lowry, M; West, L; Taylor, MD; Hyder, K
2024-01-15To what extent can decommissioning options for marine artificial structures move us toward environmental targets?Knights, AM; Lemasson, AJ; Firth, LB; Beaumont, N; Birchenough, S; Claisse, J; Coolen, JWP; Copping, A; De Dominicis, M; Degraer, S; Elliott, M; Fernandes, PG; Fowler, AM; Frost, M; Henry, L-A; Hicks, N; Hyder, K; Jagerroos, S; Love, M; Lynam, C; Macreadie, PI; McLean, D; Marlow, J; Mavraki, N; Montagna, PA; Paterson, DM; Perrow, MR; Porter, J; Bull, AS; Schratzberger, M; Shipley, B; van Elden, S; Vanaverbeke, J; Want, A; Watson, SCL; Wilding, TA; Somerfield, PJ
2023-11-01Toward sustainable harvest strategies for marine fisheries that include recreational fishingFowler, AM; Dowling, NA; Lyle, JM; Alós, J; Anderson, LE; Cooke, SJ; Danylchuk, AJ; Ferter, K; Folpp, H; Hutt, C; Hyder, K; Lew, DK; Lowry, MB; Lynch, TP; Meadows, N; Mugerza, E; Nedreaas, K; Garrone-Neto, D; Ochwada-Doyle, FA; Potts, W; Records, D; Steinback, S; Strehlow, HV; Tracey, SR; Travis, MD; Tsuboi, JI; Vølstad, JH; Chick, RC