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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-15Automated Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Horizontal and Vertical Patch Division-Based Pre-Trained DenseNET with Digital Fundus Images.Kobat, SG; Baygin, N; Yusufoglu, E; Baygin, M; Barua, PD; Dogan, S; Yaman, O; Celiker, U; Yildirim, H; Tan, R-S; Tuncer, T; Islam, N; Acharya, UR
2022-09-01Insights into the development of microbial fuel cells for generating biohydrogen, bioelectricity, and treating wastewaterAhmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Islam, N; Parisa, TA; Rafa, N; Bokhari, A; KlemeŇ°, JJ; Indra Mahlia, TM
2022-09-01Integration of phase change materials in improving the performance of heating, cooling, and clean energy storage systems: An overviewAhmed, SF; Rafa, N; Mehnaz, T; Ahmed, B; Islam, N; Mofijur, M; Hoang, AT; Shafiullah, GM
2021-12-08Multilevel Deep Feature Generation Framework for Automated Detection of Retinal Abnormalities Using OCT Images.Barua, PD; Chan, WY; Dogan, S; Baygin, M; Tuncer, T; Ciaccio, EJ; Islam, N; Cheong, KH; Shahid, ZS; Acharya, UR
2023-01-01Perovskite solar cells: Thermal and chemical stability improvement, and economic analysisAhmed, SF; Islam, N; Kumar, PS; Hoang, AT; Mofijur, M; Inayat, A; Shafiullah, GM; Vo, DVN; Badruddin, IA; Kamangar, S
2022-01Progress and challenges of contaminate removal from wastewater using microalgae biomass.Ahmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Parisa, TA; Islam, N; Kusumo, F; Inayat, A; Le, VG; Badruddin, IA; Khan, TMY; Ong, HC
2024-04-08Psychological profiling of hackers via machine learning toward sustainable cybersecuritySohaib, O; Hani, U; Khan, K; Aleidi, A; Islam, N
2023-02-01Utilization of nanomaterials in accelerating the production process of sustainable biofuelsAhmed, SF; Debnath, JC; Mehejabin, F; Islam, N; Tripura, R; Mofijur, M; Hoang, AT; Rasul, MG; Vo, DVN