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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01Assessing impacts of climate change and human activities on streamflow and sediment discharge in the Ganjiang River basin (1964-2013)Guo, LP; Mu, XM; Hu, JM; Gao, P; Zhang, YF; Liao, KT; Bai, H; Chen, XL; Song, YJ; Jin, N; Yu, Q
2022-05-31Assimilating remote sensing data into a crop model improves winter wheat yield estimation based on regional irrigation dataJin, N; Tao, B; Ren, W; He, L; Zhang, D; Wang, D; Yu, Q
2020-11-15Attribution of climate and human activities to vegetation change in China using machine learning techniquesShi, Y; Jin, N; Ma, X; Wu, B; He, Q; Yue, C; Yu, Q
2018-11-15Effects of water stress on water use efficiency of irrigated and rainfed wheat in the Loess Plateau, ChinaJin, N; Ren, W; Tao, B; He, L; Ren, Q; Li, S; Yu, Q
2020Impacts of climate change and crop management practices on soybean phenology changes in China.He, L; Jin, N; Yu, Q
2015-01-05Impacts of recent climate warming, cultivar changes, and crop management on winter wheat phenology across the Loess Plateau of ChinaHe, L; Asseng, S; Zhao, G; Wu, D; Yang, X; Zhuang, W; Jin, N; Yu, Q
2016-01-01Mapping irrigated and rainfed wheat areas using multi-temporal satellite dataJin, N; Tao, B; Ren, W; Feng, M; Sun, R; He, L; Zhuang, W; Yu, Q
2018-08-01Multi-model ensemble projections of future extreme heat stress on rice across southern ChinaHe, L; Cleverly, J; Wang, B; Jin, N; Mi, C; Liu, DL; Yu, Q
2019-04-01Satellite-observed vegetation stability in response to changes in climate and total water storage in Central AsiaBai, J; Shi, H; Yu, Q; Xie, Z; Li, L; Luo, G; Jin, N; Li, J
2018-01-01Spatio-temporal distribution of sugarcane potential yields and yield gaps in Southern ChinaZu, Q; Mi, C; Liu, DL; He, L; Kuang, Z; Fang, Q; Ramp, D; Li, L; Wang, B; Chen, Y; Li, J; Jin, N; Yu, Q
2020-12-01The Responses of Maize Yield and Water Use to Growth Stage-Based Irrigation on the Loess Plateau in ChinaJin, N; He, J; Fang, Q; Chen, C; Ren, Q; He, L; Yao, N; Song, L; Yu, Q