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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11Asthma and landscape fire smoke: A Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand position statement.McDonald, VM; Archbold, G; Beyene, T; Brew, BK; Franklin, P; Gibson, PG; Harrington, J; Hansbro, PM; Johnston, FH; Robinson, PD; Sutherland, M; Yates, D; Zosky, GR; Abramson, MJ
2015-01-01Differences in grass pollen allergen exposure across AustraliaBeggs, PJ; Katelaris, CH; Medek, D; Johnston, FH; Burton, PK; Campbell, B; Jaggard, AK; Vicendese, D; Bowman, DMJS; Godwin, I; Huete, AR; Erbas, B; Green, BJ; Newnham, RM; Newbigin, E; Haberle, SG; Davies, JM
2018-08-15Dynamic ecological observations from satellites inform aerobiology of allergenic grass pollenDevadas, R; Huete, AR; Vicendese, D; Erbas, B; Beggs, PJ; Medek, D; Haberle, SG; Newnham, RM; Johnston, FH; Jaggard, AK; Campbell, B; Burton, PK; Katelaris, CH; Newbigin, E; Thibaudon, M; Davies, JM
2014-05-29The macroecology of airborne pollen in Australian and New Zealand urban areasHaberle, SG; Bowman, DMJS; Newnham, RM; Johnston, FH; Beggs, PJ; Buters, J; Campbell, B; Erbas, B; Godwin, I; Green, BJ; Huete, A; Jaggard, AK; Medek, D; Murray, F; Newbigin, E; Thibaudon, M; Vicendese, D; Williamson, GJ; Davies, JM
2016-06Regional and seasonal variation in airborne grass pollen levels between cities of Australia and New Zealand.Medek, DE; Beggs, PJ; Erbas, B; Jaggard, AK; Campbell, BC; Vicendese, D; Johnston, FH; Godwin, I; Huete, AR; Green, BJ; Burton, PK; Bowman, DMJS; Newnham, RM; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Newbigin, E; Davies, JM
2016-08-01Remote sensing of phenology: a dynamic tool to inform allergenic grass pollen aerobiologyDevadas, R; Vicendese, D; Erbas, B; Medek, D; Haberle, SG; Newnham, RM; Johnston, FH; Beggs, PJ; Jaggard, AK; Campbell, B; Burton, PK; Katelaris, CH; Newbigin, E; Thibaudon, M; Huete, AR; Davies, JM
2022-11-07The 2022 report of the MJA-Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: Australia unprepared and paying the price.Beggs, PJ; Zhang, Y; McGushin, A; Trueck, S; Linnenluecke, MK; Bambrick, H; Capon, AG; Vardoulakis, S; Green, D; Malik, A; Jay, O; Heenan, M; Hanigan, IC; Friel, S; Stevenson, M; Johnston, FH; McMichael, C; Charlson, F; Woodward, AJ; Romanello, MB