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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01The changing landscape of health care provision to American Indian nationsRainie, SC; Jorgensen, M; Cornell, S; Arsenault, J
2021-08-25Co-designing a dashboard of predictive analytics and decision support to drive care quality and client outcomes in aged care: a mixed-method study protocolLudlow, K; Westbrook, J; Jorgensen, M; Lind, KE; Baysari, MT; Gray, LC; Day, RO; Ratcliffe, J; Lord, SR; Georgiou, A; Braithwaite, J; Raban, MZ; Close, J; Beattie, E; Zheng, WY; Debono, D; Nguyen, A; Siette, J; Seaman, K; Miao, M; Root, J; Roffe, D; O’Toole, L; Carrasco, M; Thompson, A; Shaikh, J; Wong, J; Stanton, C; Haddock, R
2015-01-01Comparison of ECOG/WHO performance status and ASA score as a measure of functional statusYoung, J; Badgery-Parker, T; Dobbins, T; Jorgensen, M; Gibbs, P; Faragher, I; Jones, I; Currow, D
2019-10-24Creating Private Sector Economies in Native America Sustainable Development through EntrepreneurshipMiller, RJ; Jorgensen, M; Stewart, D
2015-11-01Critical junctures and economic development - Evidence from the adoption of constitutions among American Indian NationsAkee, R; Jorgensen, M; Sunde, U
2022-08-04Gunditjmara and Ngarrindjeri: Case Studies of Indigenous Self-governmentRigney, D; Rose, D; Vivian, A; Jorgensen, M; Hemming, S; Berg, S; Cane, P; Ford, L; McMillan, M
2018Human Rights and Neoliberal Wrongs in the Indigenous child welfare spaceLibesman, T; Hendry, J; Tatum, M; Jorgensen, M; Howard-Wagner, D
2016Implementing a Project Within an Indigenous Research Paradigm: The Example of Nation Building ResearchVivian, A; Jorgensen, M; Bell, D; Rigney, DM; Cornell, S; Hemming, SJ
2016Implementing a project within the Indigenous research paradigm: the example of nation building researchVivian, A; Jorgensen, M; Cornell, S; Rigney, D; Hemming, S; Bell, D
2022Indigenous Nations in Postracial America: Rethinking Social InclusionCornell, S; Jorgensen, M
2018Indigenous Self-Government in the Australian FederationVivian, A; Jorgensen, M; Rigney, D; Bell, D
2019-10Mortgage Lending on South Dakota's Indian Turst Lands: Findings from a Survey of LendersJorgensen, M
2001Policing on American Indian ReservationsJorgensen, M; Wakeling, S; Michaelson, S; Begay, M
2014-01-01Property institutions and business investment on American Indian reservationsAkee, R; Jorgensen, M
2016Self-determination: Background concepts scoping paper 1 for the Victorian Department of Health and Human ServicesBehrendt, L; Jorgensen, M; Vivian, A
2015-01-01"Steering Our Own Ship?" An Assessment of Self-Determination and Self-Governance for Community Development in NunavutRitsema, R; Dawson, J; Jorgensen, M; Macdougall, B
2019-04-03What are the Limits of Social Inclusion? Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Governance in Canada and the United StatesCornell, S; Jorgensen, M
2023Yes, The Time is Now: Indigenous Nation Policy Making for Self-determined FuturesJorgensen, M; Vivian, A; Compton, A; Murray, D; Evans, D; Gertz, J