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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11-02Ageing well with chronic musculoskeletal pain: protocol for a systematic review of non-pharmacological interventions aimed at reducing pain in an ageing populationMehta, P; Kaur, M; Smith, CM; Mani, R; Baxter, GD
2021-10-30Can We Go Online for Sports Injury Prevention? A Systematic Review of English-Language Websites with Exercise-Based Sports Injury Risk Reduction Programmes.Mącznik, AK; Mehta, P; Kaur, M
2021-07-08Cellular interactions with polystyrene nanoplastics-The role of particle size and protein corona.Kihara, S; Ashenden, A; Kaur, M; Glasson, J; Ghosh, S; van der Heijden, N; Brooks, AES; Mata, JP; Holt, S; Domigan, LJ; Köper, I; McGillivray, DJ
2008Effect of I?2-adrenoceptor agonists and other cAMP-elevating agents on inflammatory gene expression in human ASM cells: a role for protein kinase AKaur, M; Holden, N; Wilson, S; Sukkar, M; Chung, K; Barnes, P; Newton, R; Glembycz, M
2019-11-02Online exercise-based sports injury risk reduction programs—a systematic review protocolMącznik, AK; Mehta, P; Kaur, M
2012-12-03Preparation, physicochemical evaluation and antimicrobial potential of topical dosage forms containing natural anti-inflammatory agent, Curcuma longaDua, K; Leong, NK; Kaur, M; Bin, LW; Azman, K; Gorajana, A
2019-10-25Quality, readability and content of websites presenting sports injury risk reduction exercise programmes- a "systematic review"Aleksandra Mącznik, A; Kaur, M
2022-04-07Successful application of wastewater-based epidemiology in prediction and monitoring of the second wave of COVID-19 with fragmented sewerage systems-a case study of Jaipur (India).Arora, S; Nag, A; Kalra, A; Sinha, V; Meena, E; Saxena, S; Sutaria, D; Kaur, M; Pamnani, T; Sharma, K; Saxena, S; Shrivastava, SK; Gupta, AB; Li, X; Jiang, G
2014-01-01The views and attitudes of health professionals providing antenatal care to women with a high BMI: A qualitative research studyKnight-Agarwal, CR; Kaur, M; Williams, LT; Davey, R; Davis, D