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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01A Systematic Laboratory Testing of Concrete Corrosion Resistance in SewersJiang, G; Sun, X; Keller, J; Li, X; Song, Y; Schmid, M; Walenta, G
2023-01-01Controlling Environmental Factors of Microbiologically Influenced Concrete Corrosion in SewersJiang, G; Sun, X; Li, X; Song, Y; Keller, J
2019-03-15Evaluation of data-driven models for predicting the service life of concrete sewer pipes subjected to corrosion.Li, X; Khademi, F; Liu, Y; Akbari, M; Wang, C; Bond, PL; Keller, J; Jiang, G
2023Exploring the Most Sectors at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge FinalsCao, C; Nogueira, L; Zhu, H; Keller, J; Best, G; Garg, R; Kohanbash, D; Maier, J; Zhao, S; Yang, F; others,
2023-01-01Multi-Robot Multi-Room Exploration with Geometric Cue Extraction and Circular DecompositionKim, S; Corah, M; Keller, J; Best, G; Scherer, S
2023-09-08Multi-Robot, Multi-Sensor Exploration of Multifarious Environments with Full Mission Aerial AutonomyBest, G; Garg, R; Keller, J; Hollinger, G; Scherer, S
2019-06-04Removal of Pharmaceuticals and Illicit Drugs from Wastewater Due to Ferric Dosing in Sewers.Kulandaivelu, J; Gao, J; Song, Y; Shrestha, S; Li, X; Li, J; Doederer, K; Keller, J; Yuan, Z; Mueller, JF; Jiang, G
2022Resilient Multi-Sensor Exploration of Multifarious Environments with a Team of Aerial RobotsBest, G; Garg, R; Keller, J; Hollinger, GA; Scherer, S
2023-01-01Testing of Sulfide Uptake Rate (SUR) and Its ApplicationsSun, X; Jiang, G; Keller, J; Bond, P; Li, X